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Starboard for deck?

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  • Starboard for deck?

    Searched but didn't find what I was looking for. What are the pros or cons to having starboard covering the entire deck? That is what is on my boat right now and just wondering if I should keep it or go back to original? I have to admit I kind of like it (low maintenance) but it does seem slippery. Thanks.
    Pensacola, Fl.

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    Simply put it just will not work. First off as you said it would be slippery when wet, it would be incredibly heavy, it also has 0 structural strength and whatever strength it would have would decrease as it warmed up in the sun.

    You want good old marine ply or one of the modern foam products like divinicell or coosa board.


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      PezMaya the whole deck is covered in Starboard? Are you sure?

      1] It's Heavy

      2] It's expensive. About $350 for a 4X8 sheet.

      3] it's slippery

      4] nothing will stick to it. IE No glue will work.


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        Wart, I'm pretty sure that is what it is or at least that is what it looks like. I can't figure out this pic thing yet (haven't tried that hard) but this link should take you to them. Last two pics.

        Pensacola, Fl.


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          In the pix's it's hard to tell, but looking at the sawmarks in the endgrain of the panel. I belive you are right.

          My question would be, Was the deck rotted there at one time and someone cut the origional out and replaced it with this stuff?


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            hey Pez, you dont want that stuff, i tell ya what, i will take that stuff off your hands, no charge!![]HAHA[]....have you seen what is under it, it might be an expensive Band Aid..
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              I am kind of scared to take up the rest of it. So far it is not very pleasing to the eye. I am in the process now of taking the center console out and the T-Top. Once those are out I will pull up the rest and then see where I stand. Figure I will start with bare bones and go from there. Gotta love projects! I think I am going to at least keep the stuff for now, never know what I could make with it. But if I do decide to part with the stuff I'll let you guys know.
              Pensacola, Fl.