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  • Diesel

    Saw and talked to a couple folks at Cap's on the ICW last night that were in a ......hold on to your hat........a early 70's Mako 23 inboard that was retro with a 6 hole Perkins. Capt claimed 28 WOT, 24 cruise @ 5 GPH. DAMN !! Loked nice, fighting lady yellow.

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    That would be a sweet setup. That speed and millage is super. I would sure like to see that.

    There is a guy I know here in town that did a full custom job on a '74

    23 inboard. It had a removable door in the side of the hull. Like the rescue boats to slide a strecher from the water stright in on the deck.

    He put a new 351Windsor Ford in it. It wasn't fast enough for him. So then he started hopping the motor up. Cam, intake & carb. Still not fast enough for him. He pulled that out and put a 454 Chevy in it. All brand new stuff. He sold the boat and I have no idea where it is now.

    i wish I had pix's of it. I don't know any of the speeds that the boat reached.


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      Here's a pic of my friends 1974 24' Morgan. He converted it from outboard. It has a 240 HP 4 cyl turbo Yanmar.

      I haven't had a chance to take a pic of the amazing 17' Mako down the canal. Soon as I get my lower unit fixed.
      Tampa, FL [br]Mako 20C Merc 200[br]


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        My friend has a 1976 236 inboard with a 302 ford that barely fits. They must have retro'd quite a bit. I have a 1988 236 with a 350 Merc, has a lot more room than the '76. 5gph would be great, I am at 9gph at 28mph.
        Paul[br]Plantation, Fl [br]1988 Mako 236 Inboard


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          Yes, it appeared that they raised the console by about 10 inches. My 21 with a 225 Carbed OMC gets 14 GPH @ 32 MPH cruise.