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  • Fuel tanks

    My 79 Mako 235 main tank is 86 gallons. It has a reserve tank that holds 30 gallons mounted in front of it under the deck. Was this an option that year or did someone add this?

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    I have the same set up on my 79 mako.

    my tanks have never been removed.

    Metaire, La.[br]79 Mako 23 250 yamaha


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      Thanks for the response. Another question if you would be so kind, Do you know how the livewell operates? Mine does not have an overboard drain. Was wondering if it was a recirculating well or just an aeroater type.


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        elwilliams13 - I'm pretty sure the fuel tanks came standard in that configuration. To operate the livewell you have to open the seacock in the bilge which forces water in when you are running and you have to also open the drain so that the water has a place to go other than out the through the top. You also need to turn on the livewell pump for when you slow down. The pump should be mounted after the seacock to draw water in when you are trolling, drifting, anchored, etc. You will have to fine tune how much the sea cock and drain valve is opened in order to get just the right amount of inflow vs. outflow. You should also find some type of strainer to put in the drain so that fish can't get sucked or attempt to swim down the drain. This happened to me once and we basically had to wait for the fish to decay before water would flow out again.
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          Thanks for the input sailor. Very informative.