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1973 Mako 19 w-86 yamaha 150

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  • 1973 Mako 19 w-86 yamaha 150

    everyone says theese boats are solid is it really true this boat has barely been used but am wooried about dry ROT (stringers hull strength and Gas tanks,who knows??? everyone around here says makos even old are superior to newer hulls?

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    Older boats are like older women, Its all in how they were taken care of. You can pretty much expect to replace the tank in a boat that old but look the boat over well before buying it. Old Makos are great boats and if you dont go to the extreem that some of us did its a lot better than buying new.


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      As long as she wasn't ridden hard and put away wet, she should give you many years of faithful service.

      (your boat, not your woman!... for shame!)
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        I used to own a 1973 mako 19. She had set up in the weather most of her life before I found her in 1989.I had to replace the fuel tank, the top of it had a bunch of pinholes. Replacing the tank was not a real big deal,I pulled it out and brought it to a aluminum welder that I know and he made me a new one for about 200 bucks if I remember right. The transom was bad and instead of replacing it I just bolted a 1/4 in. alum. plate on on each side of the transom (I would not recommend this)and hung a new 130 hp yamaha on her. She gave me excellent service for the next 6 yrs, but I really wished I had replaced the transom because when I sold her I really took a beating. Other than the tramsom and fuel tank she was solid I made many trips up to 45 miles offshore. I really miss her. mark
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