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    Yesterday I had the best day on my boat I have ever had. I along with my 4 year old son caught 4 Stripers and a 5 lb. bluefish while fishing topwater plugs in the backwaters. My son reeled in each of the fish.

    Tonight we went out again hoping for a repeat performance but wound up having my worst night ever on the boat. While running along at about 3800 rpm's the motor bogged for a split second and then died almost instantly. The motor made no unusual noises, was not hot, no warning lights came on, no warning whatsoever. Now the flywheel is locked up like a drum.

    Anyway I slice it I am skrewed. Most likely my powerhead is blown which means big $$$$$$. There is a slight chance the problem lies in the lower unit but that is big money also.

    PS The motor is a 1996 225 Johnson. The powerhead and lower unit each have under 250 hours on them.

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    Keep us updated as to the problem. I have the same motor. Good luck!
    Former owner of a 1986 21B Mako[br]Venice, FL


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      Problem turned out to be a blown lower unit. I have lined up a used lower unit for $650 and I should get to put the motor back together this coming weekend.

      Anybody out there know if it is even worth me opening up the old lower unit to see if it is repairable for a backup or to resell?


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        I believe rebuilders do buy them. Try these:
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          There is a market for such things as lower units, powerheads, ...; though much depends on you location.

          Here in Florida it's a thriving business -- after hurricane clean up!! [!]

          Hope everything works out for you!

          Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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            Wow that stinks! Sorry to hear that.

            I would be curious to see exactly why it locked up.

            Have you ever done anything that you might think would have caused it?

            Good Luck!

            Great to hear about kids having fun fishing though.
            1982 224 w/200 \'Rude[br]Andover, CT


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              Havn't done anything that would cause it. Have not hit anything, shift cables are good and it always shifted properly with no chatter. The unit was new in oct 99 and only had 230 hours. If I get bored this winter I might tear into it.