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  • Tips for bottom paint

    My new (1996) Mako has never been painted. I am going to leave it in salt water the rest of the season. Some "experts" are telling me that I should get a barrier coat and finish paint- others say barrier coat is overkill and just paint it. Any suggestions???

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    A Barrier coat is an epoxy coating. It will insure that you have NO Blisters form. If your going to the trouble of bottom paint, it will save your boat down the road.

    1] Clean the hull very well. Be sure there is no grease or wax on the surface. liberal amounts of wax & grease remover. It is applied wet with one rag and cleaned off with another rag while wet. If it dries before you can wipe it off, then rewet that area.

    2] tape the hull lines out with 3M Fineline tape.

    3] Sand the hull with 80gt on a DA sander.Finish sand the hull along the tape line with 180gt.

    4] Wash down again with wax & Grease remover.

    5] Using a Thin foam roller like the West System Epoxy rollers roll on the barrier coat. Don't use a cheap roller. The thing will break down and leave crap in your paint. Follow manufactures prep for bottom paint.

    6] This 1st coat of bottom paint should be the same as you are going to use for all the bottom paint, but a diffrent color.

    7] Finish out with the final color of bottom paint that you want.


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      Hey Warthog, what do you doif you need to redo your bottom and do not know the type of paint that is there? Also any reccomendations on what type to use? My boat spends its life on a trailer and three times a year in the water for a week while on vacation. There are so many different ones I don't know.
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        For a Drysailor. That's what they call what you are doing. Trailer most of the time,but sometimes in the water for more than a week.

        I've heard some good reports about the VC bottom coatings for this.


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          Where are you located????

          If you are in the Northeast like I am you are close enough to cold weather that I would probably not worry about painting for this season. Put it in as is then next yeat you can use the stain line as a guide for applying you bottom paint.


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              With the quality of newer boats going down all the time, I would not put your boat in the water WITHOUT a properly applied good barrier coat and bottom paint. Remember that the water is the warmest of the season right now which grows slim, barnicals etc. very quickly. If you don't bottom paint this season, you will have a lot more work next spring getting the bottom ready (again) for the paint. And use good stuff - not some $50.00 a gallon junk. I recommend the Micron CSC w/ Biolux for bottom paint - it's expensive but you get what you pay for. Hope this helps -

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                I agree with classic73mako, I use the micron csc on both our sailboat which is moored all season and on my mako which is drysailed and it works great! Expensive, but boats are money pits anyway. As to what kind of bottom paint used, it really depends on what body of water you're in. I'm in the northeast, so the csc is more suitable for me with all the barnicles and bacteria, it resists these and wears like a bar of soap. Since it does wear like a bar of soap, I painted my first layer with red, then went over it again using black, so when I see red, i know it's time to paint the bottom again. I also did the barrier coat system prior, but that's another topic.
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