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261 Mako power question

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  • 261 Mako power question

    I am sure it is not the best set up but I wonder if a 261 Center Console can plane off with a single 250-300hp with the right wheel. I would only need a 37mph top with a cruise in the 20's. What do you think. I love the 25 but want something bigger. Almost something like the moonies 28ft CC but with a wider beam and higher bow. I love the 27 oceanmaster because it can go with a single. That new 26 is designed for it but I want the biggest possible for a single. What do you think?

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    Don't buy a Yamaha HPDI 250 or 300. There is a lot of chatter over on THT about guy's having problems left & right.

    Most of those guy's have to have over $100K in their boats and they are sitting in shops or getting terible millage and sucking the hell out of oil.


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      I have heard the same thing. I was thinking 250 yamaha 4 stroke or 250 suzuki 4 stroke. If money becomes a problem I was also thinking v8 Evinrude 300.


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        The Suzuki swings a bigger prop and is geared lower. This will give you a better holeshot. It also runs a timming "Chain" in oil bath.

        The Yamaha has a Timming Belt.

        I have yet to hear one negitive on the Suzuki's. I have 2- DF 140's waiting to be mounted.[]


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          Do you think the 261 will run good enough and plane off nicely with a 250hp? I think if its wheeled right it will?


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            I think a 250 Bomb Evinrude will do the job,, but, I think you will be disappointed in the performance.


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              The 261 is rated for 400hp for a reason -- it's a HEAVY hull! 250 or 300 hp just won't do it and you'll be working that one engine way too hard. It was designed to be run with twins.

              Stay with twins, preferrably twin 200s, but you might get by with 175s. Remember to calculate hull weight, fuel, pax, gear, ...

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                I think it would struggle with less than 300 hp. It is difficult to plane my 261 on a single 200 when I'm loaded for fishing. It's alot of boat to get out of the hole. Probably beat a 250 to death even with the correct wheel.
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                  Twin 150s would be the absolute minumum. I am thinking real hard how the boat would behave with Suzuki 250's or Merc 250 verados. Might have to put some weight forward for both of those, but I rode in a Yellowfin 36 today with triple 275 Merc verados... 64 mph with 3 guys & 400 gallons gas. Trimmed the center motor up and got 54 mph on two motors! They also have some serious get-up-and-go.
                  Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance