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  • Calm my concerns!

    Of course, just after I made my first boat purchase (1996 Mako 17 with 115 HP Yamaha)I discovered this sight. Calm my concerns. Is there any legitimate basis that 1995-2000 Makos lack the quality of earlier ones? Every experienced boater to whom I showed my boat thought she was solid as a rock.

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    Dont worry!!its just after 1995!! Although post 95 boats had problems alledgedly,not all wre crap!If you got a solid boat than you got a solid boat!!my 95 232 is solid and crack free and looks like she just rolled out of showroom!
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      Capt's right, not all of them were lemons. I have a buddy who has a 1998 Mako 221. We have put about 700 really hard hours on the boat. Inshore, offshore, rough weather, you name it... we never baby the boat. Not a blemish on the boat. Merc 225 EFI runs like a damned scaleded ape! Like a friggin Timex! Takes a lickin'... keeps on tickin'!

      You should be fine.
      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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        I will add to the list. My buddy has a 98 191. On several occasions we have beat it very hard. We have taken several 25 mi trips, with it overloaded with dive gear and safely returned in ugly seas. Don't worry I think they are probably still built well, with a few exceptions. Remember this is a tough bunch and they expect more from a boat than most manufacturers can produce. As soon as I win the lotto I will buy a new one.[]
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          Not to be a glass 1/2 empty type, but I did have an interesting meeting with another Mako owner this weekend. Looking at his boat, I assumed that it was another older Mako like mine, but when asked, we both did a double take. The boats had had the exact same lines. I thought his boat was older and he thought my boat was newer. Turns out, he had a '94 221. That's when it got interesting. He said that he wished that he had an older one since he had to take his boat back to Mako due to hull delamination ... not minor. That seems to be the one thing that is good on my old boat. Summary: Know what your buying. There's alot of good old and new Mako's out there ... and, unfortunatley, some are not so good.
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