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  • Motor/Fuel question

    I would like to throw this one out there for any advice.

    Once again my 1980 Johnson 115 is cutting out after about 20 sec on the high rpm's. She runs fine at mid to low but will die, due to lack of fuel, at the high end (if you pump the primer before she cuts out it will pick up again). When the tank is full she runs perfectly, but it seems that I am only getting about 20-30 gallons of usable fuel. I can't get any more in before it flows over. Unless of course the tank has been replaced, which I don't think it has, doesn't a 1980 20' have around a 60 gallon tank? I am definitly not getting near that. Any ideas?

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    ummm. doesn't those models have dual tanks????? a 30ish gallon and a 75ish gallon? I wonder if you are only using one tank (the 30 gallon)??????
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      Check Look under boat specs.

      Looks like your 1980 20' has a 60 gallon tank unless replaced somewhere along the way. I have no idea about the cutting out problem but others here probably do.


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