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    I went over to my boat tonight and found that the owner of the Grady in the slip beside me had plowed into my boat leaving an 8 inch long set of spidercracks in the gelcoat just above my rubrail. He also left a substantial blue rubrail skuff from where his rubrail hit my gunnel. On the bow of his boat he also has a substantial black rubrail scuff from where his bow hit me when he tried to get into the slip. He also has a nice set of scratches in his gellcoat on his bow from where he has hit my springline cleat at least once.

    I am so POed at this moment I can't even think streight.

    This is the second time this season. The first time there was no damage other than the telltale scuff left on my hull at its midpoint from his dark blue rubrail and the black scuff on his bow from where he hit my rubrail. At that time I showed the marks on both boats to the marina manager who told me he would have a talk with the guy.

    About this time last season the same thing happened. He hit my boat just ahead of my starboard rodholder leaving a set of spidercracks. At that time I left a lengthy note taped to his dash expressing my displeasure with the incident in a polite manner. I also gave a copy of the letter to the manager and explained the situation to him. I did get an appology and a bunch of excuses about how much trouble he has with the current getting into the slip.

    NOW WHAT DO I DO!!!!!

    I really don't want to have to move to a slip that is not as good as my current slip in the maina because I have the second deepest slip in the entire marina and I still churn mud at low tide. I really don't want to move to another marina because this one is only a 150 yard walk from my house and is reasonably priced. Why should I even have to be thinking this way when I am not the one who can't safely get a boat into the slip without hitting my neighbors boat.

    Every time I see this guy he has a beer in his hand and a couple already in him. On several occassions I have been on my boat when he has come into the marina and attempted to get into the slip. Every time he tries it is a compleat disaster even if he has people on board to help him out. Other times he has come back from a day on the boat and seen me on the dock and he is to affraid to attempt to dock so he will go a couple of hundred yards away and drop anchor to wait until I leave. I have watched from a distance and it aint pretty.

    WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!

    I can think of a number of over the top things to remedy the situation permanently but I don't really want to go this route.

    A friend suggested I make up a special 2 x 4 to hang off of my cleats with bolts protruding from his side and padding up against my hull to spread out any impact. Is this too over the top!?!? He won't have anything to worry about so long as he does not bang into me.

    I will be calling the manager tomorrow demanding this guy be moved. I am hoping that the manager will take some action this time.

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    I would do what your buddy said and I would have a fiberglass man down there giving you a quote on the fix. I would then give him the bill. Don't fix until he pays. If he doesn't pay, take him to small claims cort.

    I feel for you.

    I would try to keep on the good side of the marine'a.

    You might want to contact the Marine Patrol and file a complaint.

    I hope you have a digital camera?


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      The marina needs to do something about the guy. Like move him to another spot....away from other boats. Document everything including the pics of his boat. Be polite and tell him that he is going to have to pay for it.... puls all the down time. I'd move if the marina chooses not move him.. it's just not worth the hassle. Twenty years ago I would have a very different opinion on how this should be handled.

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        This may not get your boat fixed (or make a friend of this guy) but it could give you some satisfaction. If your state has a boating while intoxicated law (like we do here in CT) the next time you see him drinking - call the police / marine patrol and have them take it from there. All you need to tell them is that you have seen him drinking while running his boat irratically that could endanger others. Most likely he will move his slip after that and if not - do it again and again. Good luck -

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          it's a nasty thing to do but the guy sounds like he may deserve it. oh course I'm only talking on speculation. the may actually be a very nice guy for all we know. but I would suggest talking with him first, than the marina or harbor master, if all else fails call the marine patrol and have him ticketed for a DUI. I guarantee you that he will not be out there using his boat for a good long time. at least not leagally.
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            Ouch!!!The only way to get a guys attention like that is to punch him right in the wallet,and there are many creative ways to that!!Floridas real tuff about drink and boat, the best advice and defense is digital camera and or video!!! Im sure your not the only victom of this slobs inconsideration, if that gives you any peace!!

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              You may have stated, but do you have insurance on the boat? Some companies coverages will cover the repairs and possibly go after the other guy for cost recovery. My father in law went through such an experience a couple years ago.

              Knock on wood, I have not had to find out what is involved with my coverage. Of course in my current situation, the only person putting holes in my boat is me []

              At a minimum, I would make a fender board (w/o the bolts sticking out) to hang out on his side. IMHO, the Marina owner has some responsibility to address the situation also, hopefully he will live up to it.

              Best of luck.
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                I run a marina in Virginia and here's my take on it:

                If someone damages another boat, it can very well be an accident. I've given the benefit of the doubt before and will do it again, but only once per person. If it happens a second time, the incident is nothing less than grounds for dismissal from the marina (termination of the lease, etc). This boat owner is a danger to human life, not to mention other boats and marina property.

                Imagine for an instant that you or, god forbid, a child got a hand or other body part caught between his boat and yours? I nearly lost my thumb this past winter when it got caught between the dock and a moronic boater.

                Your marina's manager should not have let this go on. I'm sure he could easily re-rent that slip, and he can use the bad press from an intoxicated slipholder damaging other boats about as much as he can use another hole in his head.

                Check your slip agreement (usu. a lease). There should be a clause amongst the legalese that states something like: "Owner/Lessee shall reasonably observe the rights, privileges and welfare of other members and in the event the conduct of Owner/Lessee is in the opinion of FBHM prejudicial to the interest of FBHM of the rights, privileges and welfare of other members in the development, then FBHM may terminate Owner/Lessee's lease at any time by five (5) days notice of FBHM's desire and intention of so terminating Owner/Lessee's lease."

                Your marina manager MUST remove this boat owner in order to preserve the safety of the marina.

                So there. Just my $.02
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                  I had a similiar experience at my marina in Tuckerton.

                  The guy would arrive at the marina totally trashed and

                  loaded his boat with more beer. One afternoon as he was

                  attempting to get into his slip he hit my engine hard enough

                  to break the skeg off. Luckily one of my buddies witnessed it. I later

                  confronted him about it and of course he denied doing it.

                  The next time I saw him arrive drunk and load his boat with more

                  beer, I waited till he was underway and called the NJ Marine Police.

                  I was told later that his boat was towed back to the marina a few hours later.

                  The owner of the marina is a super guy and I let him know what was

                  going on. He said to get it repaired and have him billed for it

                  and he would handle it from there. I am back in the same marina this season and my drunk "neighbor" is not here anymore. The marina owner

                  told me that he didn't allow him back this year.

                  My suggestion is to just make that call to the NJ Marine Police and

                  keep making it an issue with the marina management.

                  Good luck.
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                    This is like one of those cases that you are responsible for your own wake. If you do damage You Pay!