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  • I hope you enjoy this one...

    We are all acustommed to hearing about the fortunes of rebuilds and pictures of superior craftsmanship on this site but far less hear of the other side. Well, I have decided to change this and share with you all one of my more embarassing or humorous experiences.

    I had recently got caught in some pounding chop in my 20'cc. After 45 minutes of torture to my bones I was able to make it to relatively calm waters and turn up the rpm's a bit. When I hit the high end the engine started to sputter out and cut off. I could pump the primer and start her up and run ok at the low end but same thing at the higher rpm's. My initial reaction was that I stirred up the tank, (original to the 1980 hull) and clogged filters etc.

    I managed to sloth my way home. I then went methodically changing the filters, cleaning the intake screens, checking the primer bulb etc. I took her out for another test and the same thing. Next I took out a portable tank to make sure there this was isolated to the fuel tank, sure enough, the boat ran fine. Well, I used this portable for a few short trips while I stewwed over what to do next.

    After a period of frustration, I had decided that maybe I was looking into this too much and stopped on my way out again to top off the tanks. Well to make a long story short, boats really do run better when there is adequate fuel in the tanks. Who would have known.[:I]

    Doh!!!! I chaulk this one up to having been on sailboats all my life. I don't think I refueled on the sailboat except to top it off in the winter. Lesson learned. I was hoping to use most of the old fuel before refueling, that is why I didn't top off after each trip. I guess I took that one to the extreme. Apparently the fuel gauge could use a replacement as well....

    As much as I don't want to admit this whole thing happened, I figured I had to share it!



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    nothing to be embarrised about, I've.. umm People do this kind of stuff all the time. Just recencently, my... this guys last trip to Destin, on day one. Put 50 gallons in the tank thinking there was still "enough" left in the tank went offshore 15 miles out and trolled around some. Well to make things short, miss added the total miles and came up short, and I mean just barely short. On the way back, this guy gets to the marina, knowing he's a little short on gas, passes the fuel pumps and proceeds to his transient slip. less than 100 yards from the slip, engine sputters out. Fortunately he had 10 gallons reserved in carry on tanks so he dropped anchor to prevent getting blown onto shore put in the 10 gallons and motored back to the fuel docks. No loss of life, no limbs lost, fish and beer were still on ice. Happy ending. until I got back to the hotel to get chewed out for being 2 hours late. "but honey, I had an emergency. I sware I ran out of gas and and"
    Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA