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Questions on fuel tank replacement on 20C

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  • Questions on fuel tank replacement on 20C

    Could anyone explain what is involved in removing and replacing the fuel tank in a 20 C ? Who supplies the new tank? Is it a "new" Mako supplied item? Is the tank aluminum ? It seems like the console must be removed at the same time and the tank decking must be replaced at the same time. I do have the access cover inside the console.

    What are the other signs that the tank needs to be replaced? The deck above the tank is slightly springy. I have no fuel leaks and the fuel sender gasket seems tight and secure. Can anyone tell me where to look in the archives for information on tank replacement and/or improving this spongy deck area?

    I am planning on repowering the boat. Thanks to those of you that helped provide advice.

    Fred Bartlett

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    The fuel tank is secured into a pod with epoxy foam. After you've taken the console off, you remove the deck plate and start cutting out foam.

    Replacement tanks come from several manufacturers -- the one that made the tanks for your Mako was in S. Florida, I forget the name. There's a company called Mattison Marine here in Tampa that makes them as well.

    What you want to ensure is that you take the tank's measurements and I recommned you keep the same capacity -- it will affect the ride.

    If you don't smell any fuel in your bilge, you're probably OK. Here it'll cost about $1000-1200 to replace a tank.

    Hope it works out,

    Prop Blast
    Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL