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Mako 20 Fuel tank problems

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  • Mako 20 Fuel tank problems

    I am looking for help in solving my gas tank issues. I just bought a 1984 Mako 20 and there is lots of trash and water in the tank. Is there any other way to deal with this besides just running it out and lots of filter changes?

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    That's the easiest way as long as the motor keeps running and to do that, you need to have a good gas filter/water seperator between the tank and the motor - I am partial to the Racore brand with the clear bowl on the bottom sdo you know when to change drain it for water and gunk. When you empty the filter bowl, try to dry the mess out and see what is in it. That way it might give you an idea as to what is going on - If there are very shiney yellowish granules like sand but they are not sand it's probably some foam that has broken down and has gotton into the tank somehow - maybe through a bad fill tube. If it's sand, then try to figure where it's comming from etc. Hope this helps and good luck -

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      You may want to consider just going ahead with a new tank if you've got a few hndred to spare. [] At 20 years, it's days are numbered. Do you noticed any fuel vapors in the bilge?

      Change your fuel fill, vent and engine feed lines when you change the tank. Those could be breaking down and adding to your problem.

      Do you have one of those pop or screw out inspection plates above the tanks sending unit. If so, pull and an inspect the top of the tank and the sending unit gasket. If the gasket is toasted, that could be your problem.

      Good luck.
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        Could anyone explain what is involved in removing and replacing the fuel tank in a 20 C ? Who supplies the new tank? Is it a "new" Mako supplied item? Is the tank aluminum ? It seems like the console must be removed at the same time and the tank cover must be replaced. I do have the access cover inside the console.

        What are the other signs that the tank needs to be replaced?


        Fred Bartlett


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          You can have the fuel pumped out. Ask at the local marinas who in town does it. I had water issues and he pumped it through a filter and back into tank. I think it cost $200. I agree that racor is best filter. Check it often. My problem was my gas cap o ring. Ive nt had trouble since good luck. Running with bad gas can cost you your motor, dont risk it for a couple hundred dollars.
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            hey guys, new to the forum, great info here!

            how many years can you expect to get out of a gas tanks?