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    Now that I have the alarm problems straightened out I am looking to get a better prop.I have a 200hp mercury on a 22mako.(20 inch shft) Right know I am running a 17p. Not sure of the diameter. The wot rpm are around 5850. Doesn't seem to change with full tank of fuel or extra people on board. The one thing I noticed is right when the boat is about to plane, the prop seems to break loose for about a second. The rpms don't jump, it just sounds like it. I was thinking I should up the diameter.(what ever it is). Any suggestions on the prop size and diameter?????
    keyport nj

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    Most of the time the manufactures put the correct diameter prop on the motor before they sell them and usually to change the WOT you change the pitch of the prop. In you case if you running a 17 pitch now at 5850 and the WOT range is lower - say from 5400 to 6000, I would try going UP one pitch to a 19. If your running an AL prop now, definately try going to a Stainless Steel double cupped prop of that same diameter - also going up one pitch to a 19. That will bring down the higher RPM's and give you a little better fuel economy. If you can borrow a SS prop from someone to try that is the best solution or even some dealers have try props if you are going to purchase the prop from them. Bit of caution however - they are expensive so don't ding it on your trial run. Hope this helps -

    1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]