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Help!__Mako 192 Floor Creak Problem!

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  • Help!__Mako 192 Floor Creak Problem!

    I have a mako 192 2001 with a T-Top and all the whistles and bells. It has been a great boat! Lately I have heard a creaking sound comming from the floor area in front left of the console. What I fear is the seperation of the deck from the stringers in front of the console. It is a slight void that can be felt as you walk. Maybe 2 sq. feet.

    Has anyone had any experience getting the factory to stand behind the 12 year hull warranty and make a proper repair ?

    I paid a lot of $$ for this boat and did not expect this given Mako's reputation for quality.

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    Oh boy.....I've heard about this problem.

    Where do you live and where did you buy the boat?? We can chat about this via email if you like...I will give you my insight on this.



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      Hello Ed!

      Thanks for the reply. We bought the boat in 2001 from Hudson's Outboard Motors right there in Newburyport MA. We choose to put a Honda 130 4 Stroke for power which has proven to be a terrific outboard engine (550 hours on the engine and it runs perfect all the time). Craig Hudson and his staff would support me if I dragged the boat up there from here (Richmond VA) but this would make for a long haul. Kinda miss New England and Chelmsford where we lived for 10 years but I am home with family here. Anyhow, after buying the boat I became aware from Hudson's Outboard that I am not the only recent Mako onwer to experiene a problem with the floor seperating from the stringers (or whatever the floor inner mold is attached to). My Mako closest dealer is Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Marine (Hampton Va) who now owns Mako Marine and I will be working a warranty repair thru them. My initial contact with them left me with agood impression that would take care of me. If there is anything you can share with me that will help me through the warranty process with Mako that would be appreciated.