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  • Custom Leaning post question

    I saw a question on James Havanki's page asking if anyone has built a custom leaning post for their boat. I figured I would tell what I have done on my boat for a custom leaning post. Basically what I did was copy from some ideas I got at boat shows for a tackle locker type of leaning post using a combination of composits and plywood and epoxy. Basically I built a rectangular box that is a close copy of the command center leaning post made by Nautical Designs using divinicell and plywood then I glassed it and imroned it to match my boat. The unit has a rear facing seat and a ton of storage that is separated into 3 compartments. One of the compartments is designed specifically to hold Plano boxes. All together I spent about $650 on the whole project with the paint, epoxy and cushon being the most expensive items. It was not a very difficult project and the results are awesome. The unit I copied retails for about $1800 and it is hard to tell the difference between mine and theirs. This is basically what mine looks like.

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    Nice job! Very elaborate.[]


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      Wow that is awesome. Do you have any pictures of it installed?
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        The picture above is of the unit that I copied. The differences with mine are that I don't have the backrest and I used black acrilick for the doors. These things are very easy to build to fit your needs. All you need are some basic cabinet making skills and some skill with glassing. I will try to get some pixs up here when the weather turns.


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          Well I sure do appreciate the response. I have looked all over the internet for leaning post ideas and to my surprise there are really only a handfull of different ones available. You probably saw the frame I have to work with and I have been kicking around a few different ideas. I like the massive amounts of storage that you have, but mine needs to have a cooler slide underneath it for the beer....I mean the sandwiches. I've cut a few different designs out of some scrap wood and now considering doing the whole thing out of starboard. I wouldn't have to worry about gouging the paint with the rod butts, but starboard, as we all know, is a little pricey. I really like the ones where the cushion opens forward to storage compartment under the seat. That's what I am working on tonite. I'll keep you posted with some pics on the project page as it develops until it warms up a little and then it's back to grinding the
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            I have worked extensively with starboard type products and there are a few issues that you should be aware of other than cost.

            1. It is extremely heavy

            2. It does not hold screws very well particularly in a high vibration situation like a boat, this said you will need to screw your starboard into something that will hold screws or you will need to thru bolt the starboard together.

            PS.. The rear facing portion of my leaningpost is insulted for use as a cooler. I have seen others like mine set up with a livewell under the rear facing seat.