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  • prop size suggestions

    i have a 1986 21 Mako with a 97 200 Mariner, any suggestions on the proper prop size or at least a starting point?

    any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    thanks, larry

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    A 17 pitch would be about right.


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      What prop size do you have now?

      How many RPMs are you getting at WOT?

      What is your top speed?
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        Try this site.

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          Every boat is a bit different. And it depends on what qualities you think are a priority, such as gas consumption, hole shot, crusing RPMs, etc. A general place to start is 14 to 15 diameter and 17 to 19 pitch. Then you have to decide 3 vs 4 blade and alum vs. SS. SS flexs less and are a bit mor efficient, but cost more.


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            That’s the problem... motor is new to the boat and didn’t come with a prop, so I have no insight into historic prop size, RPM’s etc. for either boat or motor. just looking for a “best guess” place to start. If anyone wants to toss out an opinion on size/pitch, at least it would be a place for me to start.. thanks


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              Contact propGods. Many places let you try different props before you purchase. Depending or your preference of material of construction, 3 vs 4 blade, 4blade for stern lift and diameter 14" or 15" you hve many choices. Need to match the prop hub pr your motor.
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