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    I know my 1977 ft Mako is suppose to hold 44 gallons. Anyone know how much of the capacity is usable. I recently re-powered with a 4 stroke Yamaha 150 & now get over 3 MPG. I'm trying to compute the possible range.


    77 Mako 20, Huntington Beach,Ca[br]Mike

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    Hardfider. It is going to very from tank to tank. It depends greatly on how it's plummed. It's easy to do if you have a flowscan. When you first install your tank with no gas. Fill it with about 10 gallons and bring on board some extra gas in a seperate tank for when you run dry. Start with the 10 gallons in the tank and run it until the motor stops receiving gas. The flowscan will tell you exactly how much you burned. Do the math (10 - gallons burned = X, 44 - X = usable capacity). If the tank already has gas in it than just fill it all the way up and run it till "dry", check the flowscan to see how much you burned. Be sure to have the spare gas so you can get underway again. I have a 125 gallon tank so I plan on doing the first method if I ever need to drain my tank of bad gas later down the road. For the time being I just make sure not to burn more on my flow scan than what I put in.
    Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA