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considering '83 238 W/A w/93 250hp

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  • considering '83 238 W/A w/93 250hp

    A friend has a 23' Mako 238 w/a cuddy with a 93 Johnson 250 V-8; 175 hrs on meter; fresh water use; runs well (top 49mph);typical oxidation of gelcoat; no history of hull repairs. After seeing some of the repairs at the transom and stringers on this site what should I check for? Is it plausible that there is no wood rot in a boat of this age? Also has canvas and '99 trailer; All for $10k. Thanks in advance for your insight.
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    The first thing I'd check is your wallet for gas money.

    That 93 Johnson 250 V-8 is gonn'a suck you dry. Figure about .9gal to a mile.


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      Warthog is right you better have some gas money.When I got my 254 cc it had a 1994 250 v-8,the motor pushed the boat real well,lots of power.1 mile to the gal. is about all we could get out of her.Put a 225 evinrude on the boat and now get 1.7 fully loaded.

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      Gulf Breeze Fl.


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        Yikes, I didn't think it would be that bad on fuel. The run to the San Juans is 12-20 miles each way. I was hoping for 2 mpg with a 2500 lb (bare) boat.

        As for the transom/stringer condition I'll have to poke and prod around to see if I can spot any potential problems.

        BTW, a friend replaced a 225 Yamaha 2-stroke with the 225 4-stroke and it seems like only 2/3 the power; top speed dropped considerably.
        boat=Break Out Another Thousand[br]Birch Bay, WA


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          Take a look at the numbers out of a Suzuki 250 4stroke.

          Well fellows, we picked up the 23 Seacraft with the new 250 four stroke Suzuki up on Friday and it was in the water by Saturday morning. Cannot get over the difference between our old 225 two stroke and this new bad boy. Here are the numbers with the 16X20 prop.

          198423CC Seacraft 250 Suzuki 4Stroke

          70 gallons of fuel

          3 people





          5700-38knots-have to look at flow scan

          6100-40.2knots-have to look at flow scan

          In conclusion, the new 250 four stroke is much faster and fuel efficient than the 225 two stroke. To give you an idea, top speed with the 225 two stroke was 34.7 knots compared to 40.2 knots with the 250 four stroke. Oh yeah, hole shot is ten times better. That sucker has soooo much torque to go along with the 16X20 prop. Only good things to say about this new motor.

          Trevor Hicks


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            I really like my suzi 140 4 stroke. It will push my 94 171 at about 40 mph WOT (6k) with the boat fully loaded and it cruises at 30 at 4500. It sips gas below 5k!!! The suzuki web site has some boat tests it has done on their v6 4-strokes and you can see which ones apply :


            Good luck,

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