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    Does anyone have any experience or comments on using Ipe wood in lieu of Teak. I am even considering replacing the floor with, what would look like a typical teak deck, but using Ipe.

    Just checking.

    72\' Mako 22\'[br]NoNeck, VA

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    I hear it's a very good wood to use. I've read a little about it.


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      What would you like to know? I've worked with it on a small scale. Heavy as hell just so you know up front, I've been told it sinks in water and it feels like it would. Only a little cheaper than teak if the brain is one the right channel. PITA to work with, drill, screw, and glue only. Good luck with nails or staples[)]Messy, super dusty, gets into everything sawdust. Hope you own your own sharpening service for carbide. (Oh that applies to teak also[]) On the plus side it is as pretty but much harder than teak. Should last over 75 years in ground contact. I'm not that old so I can't say first hand.[]I did give a bunch away to two friends who used it on their boats. One was a floor job and the other was for replacement steps down to the cabin

      Don't see where you are from but I have a great source for it here in MA.
      2003 Boston Whaler 255 Conquest w/ twin 200 HPDI\'s. MA & ME


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        Thanks Mist-Rest ...

        I had the impression that is was ~ 1/3 the price of Teak, but more importantly it appears to be easier to get (e.g @ your local lumber yard special order, since it is being used for decks and such). That sucks if it that hard to work with ... sounds like it will ruin all of my wood working equipment. As mentioned, I would like to use it in my Mako ('72 22') to restore the teak hatches and so on, but like everyone else, I too have a soft floor and will eventially need to start a project as well. Hence the question about using it for the floor. I live in Manassas, VA and I updated my profile.

        Thanks again.
        72\' Mako 22\'[br]NoNeck, VA


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          I work for a boat builder (the shelter island runabout) and will ask some of the more knowledgable guys about using Ipe wood on your hatches ect. However from my past house carpentery exp. I can confirm all that has been written. Have you considered mahogany. It will probably be cheaper than both Ipe and Teak, stained and varnished it can looy darn nice.
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