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  • Hey RiggedOut241 in OS

    I see that you live in O.S. Me too mabye we can get together and let me check out your rig. The Bracket looks sweet and I'm still fooling with my live well trying to get it functioning half assed the way it supposed to. I'm kinda new to the Mako world, but this is certainly not my first boat. There's a couple of folks on this board from Biloxi that I was talking with about mabye making a rendivous at Ship of Horn one weekend. Send a thread this way, mabye we can all get together on it..

    Chris Carter
    Ocean Springs, Ms.[br]

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    Hey Chris I will send you my cell # so we can meet up. Saturday is good for me. I plan on taking my son and nephew fishing and will be back around noon. We will launch out of O.S. I think a Mako Gathering out at Horn Island would be fun for everybody. Just let me know when and where. Parker
    SOLD...[br]Rigged Out[br]\'93 241 Mako[br]Twin 200hp YAMAHA\'S[br]As of now...[br]2005 Triton 240LTS[br]225hp Honda[br]Ocean Springs, MS


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      Sounds like a good idea and I am kinda biased here because my boat is still in pieces but doing it at the end of the summer sounds like a good idea to me.
      1985 Mako 235[br]Houston Tx./ Biloxi Ms.