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  • Final ready.

    Glad to say I am happy to be getting my boat back tommarrow. It as been 10 days for the rebuilt motor to go on. I hope to have it in the water Wed or Thus. I have a some work to do before i drop her in.. I have a few questions. What is to be the best ways to fill holes in the transom. A old zinc was mounted to the transom that was removed. The holes are about a 1/4 inch and go all the way through.

    Next I want to mount my transducer to the transom. Have read about epoxy. What is the problem with drilling right to the transom. My 19mako was done this way and never had a problem.

    The boat is a 1977 22mako with 200 merc. Is it going to be a pain in the ass to prop correctly. What size prop should i start with. The boat is pretty loaded t top, 50 gallons fuel, and storage boxs in the bow.

    keyport nj

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    As to the holes. A dowel the right size, cut a little short of the total thickness and glue it in with epoxy. Fill the little void with some Marine tek for a quick fix. I didn't say it was going to be real pretty.

    Transducer: I've done it that way on a bunch of boats. The problem is people not paying attention to detail and water getting to the transom core.


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      Thanks for the quick reply. Thats just what i was going to do. What is the difference betwwen the marine tex and other fillers like the 3m perimer filler. I have used marine tex before seems petty tuff.
      keyport nj


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        It is. Marine Tex is an epoxy of some kind. The other stuff is a glorfied Bondo type material.