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What is your Boat's Name and Why?

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  • What is your Boat's Name and Why?

    Because I steal the fish's Christmas. And love the Grinch!
    Mako 253 W/A with Twin Optimax[br]Sellersville, PA[br]

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    mines the North East Shark,because Im on the North East side of Georgian Bay and its a Mako,and there very Rare up here
    Britt- Ontario -Canada[br]1984 17 standard[br]2007 115 Etec


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      My 28' Luhrs was "Reel Pain". I think it's self explanatory.[:x)]

      Have not settled on a name for my CCP 222 Aquasport.
      [br]88 Aquasport CCP 222 w/99\' 200 EFI Merc[br]Central Miss and the Gulf Coast[br]Beware the lolipop of mediocrity, lick it once and you will suck forever


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        Mako 21 is RingLeader... speaks for itself

        Haven't named the Mako 261. I want to make it something that has to do with my daughter.
        Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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          Experimental Shark aka X-Shark.


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            Bluecollar $id="size3">

            because thats what my budget is.
            1979 21\'[br]pittsgrove/avalon NJ[br]


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              "Wake-Up Call"

              My wife and I were sound asleep at about 6 AM the morning we went to settle on and pick up the boat. Up until that point, we hadn't come up with a name the really clicked. Then my two girls come running into the room, jump up on the bed and no more sleep for me.

              I rolled over and said to my wife "How's that for a wake-up call"... []

              My girl's names are Lauren and Dana. In the spirit of name the boat after them, I wanted to call her "Laurd A" cause she's a hefty wide-body...but the wife didn't like that. []
              Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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                "WIDE OPEN TOO!"

                The guy who named it (previous owner)had a Hatteras named "WIDE OPEN". So he named the little boat to go along with it............
                1980 Mako21 [br] [br]Long Beach MS <\')))>([br]\"I can always find somebody to tow me back in, but I can never find anybody who will tow me out.........\"


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                  SeS Minnowid="navy">id="Comic Sans MS">... After a lengthy process of trying to get this thing to run properly @ Lake Powell (over 3 years in the making...), including three motor re-powers (two power heads for the old Jon-Rude, then finally the Suzi twin's), rotted transom repaired, and enclosed, addition of a bracket, etc. etc. etc, I finished it's third motor refit, mere day's before our annual Lake Powell trip, where it's "third refit maiden voyage" was a week long trip with friends...

                  After all the heart-ache I had put my friends through while trying to get htis thing to perform properly on Lake Powell, it performed like a champ... So the next morning while another family is cooking B-fast, my buddy and his family shows up at my boat, asking to be taken for a quick ride on the new boat to see for themselves how good it runs, with a "full load". When we get around the corner, they surprise me by pulling out costumes they had scrounged from the local Salvation Army Store, which turns out to be for all the Gilligan's Islands characters...[88][88][88]

                  U-guessed it, I got the Capt's outfit, the teen daughter was Ginger, her friend Mary Ann, my buddy and his wife were dressed as the Howells, thier son the perfessur, and thier daughters BF = Gilligan... We then headed back where everyone was hollering for us to come eat B-fast... When they saw us, all the "old farts", immediately recognized the costumes, and started singing the GI song... It was a HOOT all week long, whenever we headed off for the day's outings, there were 40-50 folks all singing (more like howling...[:0][}][(#)]) the G.I. theme song for the week... A "3-how-ur-tour"...

                  The name stuck, but to keep it fun, and to individualize it, I changed SS to SeS (my initials)...[][:x)][88][88][88]
                  Working for a livin\' is HIGHLY Over-Rated...[][br]


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                    All my boats have been "Blackfin." My roots are in sailboat racing and Blackfin broke the TransPac record in, I think, 1969 or 1970. And I really like the name. they are fast tuna in the Gulf

                    One racing sailboat, a Melges 24 fractional rigged sloop, was named "Blood-Horse" because I raise thoroughbred race horses - it's all about the blood.

                    However, the next boat will be "Natalie Rose" after my 6 yr old.


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                      As in NOT working!
                      Daren Lillis[br]New Bern, NC[br]1975 23\' CC I/O[br]Volvo Penta-5.0 MPI/SX[br]Project Page[br][br]


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                        the old 23 im restoring has the name HOOKED-UP on it so i might leave it the same (dont want any bad luck ) [(#)]
                        Louisville,Ky.40216 100 yards from the ohio river.1975 MAKO 360 mopar inboard,19chaparral,18bryant(gone) now a 190 baja islander


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                          Mine doesn't have a name because I think putting a name on a small boat is gay.[:x)]


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                            I named mine Gallatin II. When I was 15 my uncle bought a second house in Montana, right on the Gallatin River and when I visited, he got me hooked on fly fishing. He would also come visit us in Mass to fly fish for stripers annually. We'd rent a boat for $500 a day since my family only had a sailboat. It got expensive to rent so we decide to split a boat. I ended up finding a whaler. So we named it Gallatin so we'd have the Gallatin in Montana and a Gallatin on the East coast. Good deal for me, we use it together 1 week out of the year and I got to use it whenever I wanted. He's just a generous guy. [] Eventually I had evough money to upgrade, so I bought him out and upgraded to the Mako, naming her Gallatin II



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                              MaColAh II are the first, middle and last letters of the 3 females in my life. My wife MAryellen, NiCOLe and SarAH my daudhters.
                              Pete[br]MaColAh III [br]93\' 261b[br]HO 200 hp ETEC\'s[br]Cape Cod[br]