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  • Got off my Butt

    It has been very cold as everyone knows. I've been screwed up with the flu for a couple of weeks, I'm feeling better now.

    I've been putting off doing some grinding for quite some time now. When you wear a Tyvec suit it doesn't take much to start sweating, so the cold weather is great to wear a Tyvec suit in.

    I took pix's but they didn't show on the camera. Da!

    I ground the gelcoat off the inside of the liner where the port console goes. I then went out behind the shop and draged the piece of fiberglass that was the skin for the bow deck I saved around to the front of the shop.

    I made some measurements where I cut the box's out of the sides at the transom and cut 2pcs that would fit in those holes left in the side of the liner. I ground all the gelcoat off of them and decided it was beer time. I cleaned up and quit.

    The shop was 40deg when I went in there late in the morning. I opened it all up and it warmed to 48deg.

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    I woke up anfd put a second coat of primer on the top side of the transom and gunwales. Then I worked onthe corners of the livewell plug (which I'm still working on).. But I just had 3 big platters of boiled crawfish and a 2 Miller lites to wash em down. I'm feeling quite full to say the least.

    I had to go decide where to have my oak trees moved at the lot now that the changes have been staked off. Should have a permit by the end of the week.

    I also did some work on the father-in-laws little boat. Took the batts out of the console and unscrewed the acesses for the fuel tank fittings. The gas smell is really bad once those were opened. I don't feel any fittings loose or even the sending unit loose. I'll pull up the console and hatch next weekend. Oh joy!
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      I also did some work on the father-in-laws little boat.

      The water-mouse??
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        Warthog- Hope the flu goes away FAST. I have a question... in an earlier post you showed us the high density foam you were using for the transom of your mako. I was wondering if you know the density rating of that material... ie is it 5 pound density or heavier?

        Oakley, California


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          My brother had the spec's on it, but 12lb comes to mind.

          To give you an example:

          I would guestamate that the 2in core weigh's the same as 3/4in plywood of the same size.


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            OK.... then it must really be extra dense. A lot of boat companys are starting to put in foam transoms now a days and I was wondering what density I should use if I make my own bracket. I'll look into it at the boat yards. Thanks

            Oakley, California