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73-17' fuse panel

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  • 73-17' fuse panel

    The fuse panel on my boat is under the console. I was think about moving it outside the console and replacing it with a new one with rocker switches. Has anyone got any advise on where the best place would be to place the new panel? ex on top or back side above console door.
    73 Mako 17\'[br]\"We\'re all in the same boat\"

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    Do you mean the switch pannel or really the fuze pannel?? If it's the fuze pannel just remember that ANYTHING that is on the (a)) boat will be eaten up by the salt. How long that takes depends on how well protected it is. If I were you, I would keep everything I could inside the cc. Most all older Makos have a switch pannel to turn different things on and off, mounted directly under the stearing wheel. Thsi pannel also accomidates the kew switch, kill switch and horn. Even with the best treatment and using waterproof switches I change all items on the pannel every 4 to 5 seasons here in the northeast (CT). Remember one (or 2) of those switches turns the buldge pumps on in an emergency and it MUST work when you pull the switch. Some call me stupid for spending the extra money and time but I have NEVER had a switch fail when I needed it.

    As far as projects go for the boat, start slow with small projects that you can handel AND finish in a short period of time - that will build up your confidence and give you time to get to know your new boat. Nothing scares me more that a guy new to boating with a hole saw. I sometimes think for several years about a project because I don't want to make any NEW holes or cut anything I don't need to as it will never go back to the same color as the gel coat no matter how hard you try.

    Hope this helps - and good luck with your new Moko.

    1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]


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      I was talking about the switch panel, the one under the console is a rat's nest and I wanted to change it out with a new switch panel.I looked at some new Mako's in Savannah and their switch panels were below the steering wheel, and were recessed slightly with rocker switches. My boat has a small glove box door in this location but it does not have a box inside the door, it is just open to underneath the console, I guess it was removed. Thanks for the info, this is a great website, and I really enjoy reading about all the mako's and the projects by their owners. Anymore info on a 73 mako 17 would be appreciated.
      73 Mako 17\'[br]\"We\'re all in the same boat\"