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    Hello everyone I have been browsing this sight for a couple of weeks in preperation for my new boat (well it's new to me.) I finally picked it up yesterday and I am excited to get to work on it. It is a 1970 Mako with a Evinrude 135. This is my first boat so I will probably be asking alot of stupid questions. I know it needs paint, engine tuneup, and steering cable. If you guys get a chance you can see some pics at on page 3. If you have any advice on where I should start it would be appreciated. I have some concerns about all the work that is needed but then again the boat was free from my father-in-law who has had it for the past ten years. It sat for two years and he figured he wasn't going to work on it anymore so now I get to play with it. Look forward to chattin with yall.
    Pensacola, Fl.

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    I posted the pix's for you.I see your in Pensacola too.

    the last pix looks like you have some ruff gelcoat.



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      What length is it?

      First it needs to be checked for condition of transom, mushy floors.

      If it's been sitting like you say. A new or hot battery to check all the systems out in the boat.

      I'll be glad to help you spend money on it. HeHe

      Wish someone would give me a boat like that.[]


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        Yeah I have a feeling the gelcoat is going to be a big PIA but it has to be dealt with. I believe its 19'. I must have drained about 15 gallons of water out of it today which had me a little worried. I guess I am going to tackle this as a full on project I just need to decide where to start. I guess a good starting point would be the money, need to talk to the BOSS on that one though. He did kind of feel sad about giving his baby to me but I guess he felt even sadder about watching it decay in his driveway. Plus when it is seaworthy it will get plenty of use by me(fishing) & family(playing in the water) so I guess he had that in mind as well. Let the games begin!

        PS: Thanks for posting the pics.
        Pensacola, Fl.