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  • transducer mounting

    I have seen/heard several people on this forum talk about using epoxy to mount a transducer on the floor of the bilge area and allow it to shoot through the hull. I have noticed it is mostly Garmins that are mounted this way. Has everyone who does it had good luck with this? I was wondered if anybody has had trouble with this mount.
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    I mounted a Hummingbird Matrix 27 inside my bilge two weeks ago. Seems to work fine...I compared depth readings with people around me, both at the dock and underway and they were virtually identical. The only "data loss" resulting from this mount, to my knowledge, is temperature.
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      the most important consideration to take into factor is that epoxy is perminant and would make it very difficult to replace if the transducer ever goes bad (and it will eventually). Most people will use a less perminant material to stick it to the hull. Just remember, what ever you decide to use, it can't have any air pockets or bubbles in between the transucer and the hull.
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