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1972__Mako 19 cc needs help

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  • 1972__Mako 19 cc needs help

    How can we tell if this boat is worth restoring? My brother has owned this boat since new and for the first 25 years of it's life was well maintained. Of recent years it has suffered from neglect and little use. It was bottom painted 2yrs ago but left in the water since. He did have have a bubbler.

    The boat came with a 100HP Evinrude but was repowered in '93 with a 140 Johnson. When the repower was done they covered the selfbailing

    center hole and put new scupper holes in the transom next to the bait wells. We don't have the time or skill to do the restoration ourselves honestly. Are there any members here on Long Island who

    would be interested in evaluating this boat's condition and giving an estimate on what it would take to make it seaworthy?

    This boat was once a state of the art mega fishing machine!

    It has alot of sentimental value as well and we'd hate to see it scrapped.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Sorry, but your post is not clear.

    What's wrong with it, what needs fixing, and why is it not seaworthy?

    Post pictures.

    As far as general info on Long Island, I've found that a number of the marinas can do basic fiberglass work, while for bigger jobs you can take it to someone like Chuck's Fiberglass on the North Fork.
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      Thanks Biff!

      To clarify, the hull is taking in some water,

      but the pump seems to be on top of it for now.

      the gas tank will need replacing and we have

      no real idea of the conditon of the inner hull.

      From what I can see through the bilge pump access

      the water is seeping in somewhere in and around the

      transom. the encapsulated wood that I can see and reach

      feels solid. The boat needs to be rewired as nothing

      electrical works. If we were to have this boat repaired I'd want

      to raise the transom some if possible.

      Thanks for the reply!