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    I have a 18'6" Mako "Back Country" that was built in 1979. I understand that only 20 hulls of this design were built. (Maybe I'm wrong ?) I haven't seen any others in 7 years I've had this boat and am interested in if any of the Forum is familiar with this one. I'm about to start re-doing the hatches and top deck and can always use suggestions........

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    That is really cool. I know that there weren't many made, but don't know about the 20 thing. I thought that there may have been some problems with them like the way they ride or something. Something was funky (or so the rumor went)and they weren't selling. I think there was only 1 year they were made. Got any Pix? I never see them anymore and haven't since I was a kid.
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      my father has one -- his is totally original- neat boats/ get alot of attention at the ramp. there were only 20 boats made.. they like to slide a bit when turning. also watch the cavity in the rear ( where the motor sits) they like to crack around the top where the rear livewells are. they are rare boats so hold on to it -- i hope to have my dad's passed down to me some day have good plans for it-- re-do on the transom and slap a v-6 on it..


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        I've been fishing on a friend's backcountry for years and finally found one several months ago and bought it. I've heard from 30 to 100 of these hulls were produced and have no idea where the truth lies. They fish very well other than being a little wet, it would be a difficult hull to pole around all day due to the weight. Keeping water out of the two rear livewells seems to help the hole shot and eliminate the need for tabs.
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