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In deck livewell..HELP

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  • In deck livewell..HELP

    I need help with my in deck livewell. This thing sucks. There is no such thing as circulation. It doesn't have the spill tube as mentioned in the diagram from the manual that is posted. When the discharge valve is opened the well fills until it overflows on the deck, obviously the thru hull is below the waterline. The inlet thru hull with the pump works excellent after rewiring everything in the boat. Is there a better way to reroute the plumbing in the well,or am I stuck looking for a drain tube? I've had thoughts of installing a second drain below the inlet in the well and rerouting new plumbing, just using the lower drain valve for completely draining the tank, but I still don't think this will solve the problem. I really just want some external input before I start cutting holes in anything.


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    I don't know what the guys at Mako were thinking about when they designed that "live well". I have one like it on my 238 and have wrestled with how to plumb it, mine will fill up if you open the seacock and also fills up with water that comes from the washdown off the deck.

    The shape and location of this thing is just not a good arrangement for a live well. I have just about concluded that it might be best to do like some of my friends do and use an above deck after market well and carry an extra anchor in the floor level "bait well". The location isn't really all that great either to have the extra water weight there when you decide to travel. The thing has pretty much square corners in it rounded would be better of course. The guy who owned the boat before me used one of the side lockers for bait well, it of course has square corners too. It's OK for a few pinfish etc but not so good for pelagic bait, tough to arrange water exchange without the potential of filling the hull some dreary day. Other than that it's a functional thing and very nice arrangement. Take care, Murray
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      I use my in deck live well all the time and although it's not ideal, if you get the inlet flow and the outlet flow just right it works pretty darn good. I've had a dozen large hardtails, a dozen cigar minnows and some threadfin herring in mine with no problems. All the fish stay lively all day long. The only problem is that when you are running the water drains faster then when you are trolling. I'm sure I could fix this with a drain tube which drains water from the top of the well vs. the bottom similar to the new livewells.

      I used to have a 30 gallon deck mounted livewell and hated it. It was always in the way, you tripped on the plumbing and it made the boat a little more top heavy.

      I guess it's like classic boats - some people like 'em some don't!
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