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1985 20' - First Boat

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  • 1985 20' - First Boat

    Found a 1985 20' Mako with a 1998 Evinrude 175 Ocean Runner near Charlotte, NC asking price is $8,500 with dual axle roller trailer. Boat seems like it's in good shape, floor solid, electrical connections clean with no corrosion and no visible hull damage. Other than the small Garmin GPS/ Fishfinder, not a lot of extra toys........yet![]

    Would be first boat, but seems older hull, newer power is the way to go and why not a Mako for the first one right? Going to have a survey done.

    Had been looking for a 17-19' Grady but this might be the one especially after what I read here and the older Mako hulls. Would be used for bay/inlets and when boating skills are ready, some NC offshore on the good days.

    Thoughts about the price (I think a little high[}], but not too out of wack) and any other specific things to watch out/look for? I'm sure the list is huge but any help would be appreciated especially from the Mako experts.


    -Bizz[br]1985 20C[br]Charlotte, NC

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    1985 20' Mako $3000

    1998 175 hp Evinrude $4000

    dual axle trailer $1000

    Owning a Mako priceless!!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like you got a good deal,if boat is solid and motor is in top condition.If it where me I would check lights,bilge pump,and other switches,and make sure everything works correctly.Check all screws and bolts to make sure they are tight.Check rub rail for movement.Have motor serviced by mech.Anchor, chain ,how much rope do you have?Will need about 3 times the water depth you want to anchor in.Need all safety equipment.I would take it out a few miles and get used to the boat,and putting it back on the trailer.Some times this can be hard to do if trailer is not set up right.After a couple of short trips,and knowing how to use your gps you should be ready for offshore.I almost forgot Vhf radio.

    The 20' Mako is a fine boat.We used one in the keyes a few years back.The 175 will push it real good.

    Gulf Breeze Fl.

    Gulf Breeze Fl.


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      The 20' Mako's are great boats -- a friend of mine in Fayetteville owned one and we spend many a weekend trolling for Kings off of Wrightsville Beach. A 175hp outboard would be a great engine for the hull. A couple of things to check on:


      1. Make sure the transom is solid.

      2. Look at the brass drain sleeves -- I'll be they're cracked. If they are, you need to get them replaced. It's not a big deal, but the cracks will let water in.

      3. Bilge -- clean it out and just go ahead and replace the bilge pump and switch with a 1,000gph unit. Make sure you wire it right and replace the pump out hose -- you don't want to turn on the pump only to have the hose leaking or broken! Use a smooth surfaced, reinforce hose.

      4. Battery. Unless the owner can prove it's fairly new -- count on buying a new, dual purpose battery.


      1. Try and get a mech you trust to check it out.

      2. Compression

      3. Water pump/impeller -- even if it's working fine, look at replacing it next year.

      4. Flywheel. Is it cracked? Look underneath to see if the magnets have shifted. If they have, get them replaced. Otherwise they'll fly off the wheel and destroy the powerhead.

      5. VRO. By the early 90's OMC had fixed their VRO problems -- you should be fine and it's much better than mixing oil into the gas!

      Good Luck,

      Prop Blast
      Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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        Thanks for the insite definately helpful.

        How should the stringers be checked for water/rot?

        There are only the two little round hatches near the transom that I can see to get into the bottom. Two surveyors have said they use non-invasive techniques to check for and measure moisture. I supppose if there is moisture it would be in the back near the bilge but it seems like there is a whole lot of boat/stringer material that there is no real way to check. Should that be a concern?

        If survey and engine check come back acceptable, I'll post some pics.

        Hard part may still be coming......telling the girlfriend I got it and then that price of the boat does not really equal the cost of the boat! LOL []


        -Bizz[br]1985 20C[br]Charlotte, NC


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          Don't tell her until you have already bought it. I brought home my 25' to show my wife. She was a bit pissed off, but after many years has come to realize the value.

          It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.

          Tom[br]Pompano Beach, Florida[br]1976 25\' Mako[br]


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            Tom makes a very good point, to which I'll add my two cents.

            A marriage costs more than a boat.

            A divorce costs more than a marriage.

            Probably a good idea to think it through to the end.

            It\'s a Mako.[br]\'82 20B,\'90 E-150[br]Woodbridge, CT


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              Forget the 17' to 19' Grady. The 17' is a worthless little center console and the pre'92 Tournament 19 is a pounder. The helm is way too far forward.

              Get that Mako surveyed. If it checks out, go for it.
              Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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                Thanks again for the input.

                Already forgot the Grady. Even if this Mako doesn't work out, I'll be patiently looking for an older Mako, not a Grady.

                Had the engine checked yesterday by independent shop......VRO, charging, guages, tilt trim, lines, hoses, pressure on lower unit, all good except compression. I know that's the biggie. 105, 102, 108, 100, 100 and 94. The mechanic suggested decarbing the engine and have it retested as the variations might be due to build up.

                Called off the hull survey so I could give the dealer the opportunity to do the decarb and retest. They are doing that tomorrow. (all around 110 yes? model E175EXEC)If compression test comes back OK we move forward, if not then it is someone else's boat/motor. Dealer won't consider just selling the hull, already asked.


                Charlotte, NC/Fairfax, VA
                -Bizz[br]1985 20C[br]Charlotte, NC


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                  There is also another thing to remember when your buying a new boat - "Anything can be fixed with money".

                  Hope you enjoy your new Mako as much as I have mine over the last 25 years. Good luck -

                  1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]


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                    If everything checks out then you are getting a pretty good deal. I paid just a "little" less for an 1985 20 with a 1985 engine. Check out the items that everyone has already listed and you will be fine. Do you know how many hours are on the engine? It's a great boat and I would have definitely bought it at that price. When I was searching a year ago people were buying mid 80's to early 90 20's sight unseen.
                    1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
                    1985 Mako 20c - sold
                    Fort Walton Beach, FL


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                      Originally posted by ddrummer

                      Already forgot the Grady. Even if this Mako doesn't work out, I'll be patiently looking for an older Mako, not a Grady.

                      I wouldn't got that far yet. I run a 1985 204 Grady CC. She's a good boat. Despite being only a 1' longer than the 19', she is a much bigger rig. Nice high bow, lots of storage, 25" transom....

                      Might be worth a look....

                      However, it's susceptible to the same issues that older Makos are.

                      Good luck. []
                      Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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                        One other thing you need to know....the fuel tank. It may or may not be leaking, but you will probably need to replace it in the next couple of years if it's not leaking now, it probably will. I would just go ahead and factor that into your decision.

                        The other thing I wanted to add was: Buy it! I would definitely jump on that on - assuming no transom or major structurally issues. I watched for one year before I bought my boat. there were a few deals like this one that popped up but they did not last long.
                        1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
                        1985 Mako 20c - sold
                        Fort Walton Beach, FL


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                          Thanks about the fuel tank, looks like a big job when it needs to be done. I'd been looking/watching since March. Glad I didn't buy early, just kept watching overall prices come down as summer chugged along. As soon as I saw this one I went and put a deposit on her with the sale conditinal upon an acceptable survey of the entire boat. One other nice thing, it was only about 5 miles from me. I had already put several hundred miles of Saturday driving into looking.

                          BTW they did not balk at decarbing the engine at all and everything re-tested between 103 and 110. The Evinrude mechanic that did the original once-over says that's right where it should be. I'll have it retested in front of me to verify.

                          Hull survey to go next, hopefully tomorrow. (Friday) May be able to order one of those shirts from Ringleader next week!
                          -Bizz[br]1985 20C[br]Charlotte, NC