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    I am a new member but have been viewing the site for a long time. I am a fairly expierenced boater. I am planning on buying a new boat well new used, but anyway i really like the older mako 20'. My friend has one and have fished it a lot he has a 140 suzuki 4s, and it moves good, but the 20's arent as commom and am can get a 21' model for a good deal that needs work. I would like feedback on both models. I have a lot of contacts in the marine industry so money is not a nig concern, also a 23' is available but it needs substanial work.

    thanks and i look forward to being a contributing member to this site

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    I have a 1979 21 with a 200 yamaha. I love my boat. I fish and dive out of south Fla. and my boat suits both well. I have had it out in some pretty sloppy stuff and felt confident it was up to the task. It does have it's faults. It needs a bracket. Way to easy to get water over transom when 2 guys are fishing or getting ready to dive out of stern. Mine has a hatch in splash well that is less than water tight. It also is a little wet heading into a sea with a cross breeze, otherwise fairly dry. Of cousre like most everyone mine is about 4-6' short and I keep seeing other guys Mako's that are nicer, but thats part of the addiction.
    1987 231 with 200 Yamaha[br]Stuart, Fl


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      Hey Capt. Morgan,

      I am in the same boat you are. I am currently looking for the 21' model for a cheap price that I can work on. If you decide not to buy the 21' model you were talking about, could you give me info on it? Thanks

      1979 21\' CC[br]Myrtle Beach,SC[br]<><