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  • Scuppers for Wilson

    I'm pretty sure I've got this figured out. Unsted of putting ine those drains in the floor and having the water exit under water.

    Not this.

    Unstead, rip a piece of 3in S&D [sewer & drain] PVC in half on the tablesaw. Lay each pirce in the extreme outboard corner on the deck and angle it inboard at the transom.

    Now this piece of PVC will be inside the foward dropdown panel to enclose the transom. It is of corse glassed in right to the floor.

    The only thing I haven't figured out yet is a screen to go over the PVC tube at that foward bulkhead. I'm working on it. HeHe

    I have to wait and get the T-H scuppers first to see what size of PVC that I will install thru the transom core.

    The half piece od 3in PVC is canted inboard so the the ping ball scuppers are not installed in the very corner of the transom. It get's it on the flat part a little bit away from the corner.

    This whole deal is based on the top level of the deck. IE the piece of PVC that will go thru the transom core.

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    Wait a minute. You have me a bit confused.

    The pvc drains that I have been talking about where just to drain from one side of the stringers into the bilge.

    The deck, as I have it planned will drain sraight out the back, above the waterline. Get Eddie to post some Pix of the scuppers that I bought for him, I will be using the same ones. The were bought from the guys at Shaeffer, so they are on their website also. No more shower drains, although I really do appreciate all the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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      Yes I know the one's your talking about. I take it that you are not going to enclose the front side of where the transom cap will cover?

      I am going to enclose it. The cut in half PVC tube will get the water from on the deck thru the enclosure and connect to the ping pong ball in my case.

      If your not enclosing the transom cap then you will not need any of this.


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        I will leave a small gap at the bottom. that funnels water to the scupper ala shaeffer. I really like their design on this. Simple.
        1975 23\' Tampa,FL