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  • Question for Shep

    What have you decided on, in the way of scuppers? Mainly the 2 outboard holes.

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    I bought 2 of the T-H Max Flow ping pong ball units today.

    Flow-Max™ Ball Scupper Tired of scupper leakage? Replace your old worn-out flapper scupper with our new Flow-Max™ positive sealing ball scupper. New easy twist-off design makes cleaning debris a snap. Simply twist counterclockwise to remove ball cavity, clean out and twist back on. Stainless steel security pin provided for added safety. Larger exit hole allows 70% more water drainage than its nearest competitor. Multiple mounting holes make retrofits quick and easy - no filling holes or re-drilling. Neutral buoyancy ball insures ball won't float up and break seal. Meets all ABYC standards.

    I bought them from

    West Marine and Boat's US didn't even list them. All they had were the Rabuds, which don't have the baynot style release for quick cleaning.

    I also bought 2 more of the T-H rigging tube flanges and some 2in hose to go with it all in Black. That will go from the radio box to the top of the stb console. It will be my wire chase to connect the two. Eventually there will be controls from the top helm running thru it too.


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      Sorry for the slow reply bobby, I am usually MIA from the board on the weekends.

      You bought exactly what I am going to order. I just have not put by butt in gear to start ordering hardware yet. I need to do that, b/c although it seems like I will be sanding forever I plan on having paint on the ol girl by the end of August.

      Where did you get the rigging tubes and flanges from?
      Greenwich, NJ[br]1976 22B


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        The one's for my motors I bought thru Surplus Unlimited and got the Chrome flanges and Black hose.

        The one's I just ordered I didn't want shinny stuff, as the reflection would go back in the Stb front window.

        If you want Black flanges and Black hose you can get them here.

        I ordered the T-H ping pong balls from them too.