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  • a big change?

    I've got a 1981 22' center console. Love the boat, but it's got a notch/cut-out transom. Looking to purchase a newer Mako, center console, in the 19-23' range, want it powered with a Yamaha hpdi or 4 stroke. (Can we find one for approx. $30k?)

    Heard the other day that the owner of Bass Pro Shops bought out Mako and since then, they have not been as awesome as the earlier models.

    Is that true? Can anyone talk to newer Makos? Thoughts/ideas/suggestions?


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    QUOTE: Heard the other day that the owner of Bass Pro Shops bought out Mako and since then, they have not been as awesome as the earlier models.

    Is that true?

    I've never even looked at them. All the reports I've read are that warranty work is a Big Time PITA.


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      You've got your work cut out for you with the new requirements...

      Mako manufactured a full transom version of the 22' cc in the early to mid 90's called the 221B (for bracket), and then called it the 232 (same boat). I think production stopped in '95 or '96. The name has been resurected (232), but it's a different boat altogether, with a euro transom.

      The early, bracketed version, is/was an excellent hull. They are available on the used market for a variety of prices, depending on the engine/options/condition. Max HP was 250, though it ran well with a 225hp on the back. Do a search at -- there were several for sale last time I checked.

      If I have time later on today (and I probably will since it's going to be rain and T-storms all weekend) I'll scan in some photo's so you can compare.

      Good Luck...

      Prop Blast
      Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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        Hey Prop Blast, thanks for the input. My brother and I were out gathering data and speaking with dealers. Turns out, we have decided to stick with boats with a notch/cut-out transom. We learned of two great reasons why they are advantagous.

        Based upon what I have been hearing about the later Mako models, and our wanting a pretty new Yamaha HPDI, we are now focusing on boats like the Parker 2300 SE. We also really dig the Regulator 23.

        Thanks again for your suggestions.


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          QUOTE: We learned of two great reasons why they are advantagous.

          Please explain what they have been telling you.


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            Hey, Warthog.

            The two reasons for getting a notch transom, according to one dealer we met with, are as follows:

            1. if we take on a rogue wave and have 300-500 gallons of water sloshing around in our boat, all we need to do is start her up, put her in gear and the water will spill out the back

            2. when fighting a fish, less of a chance of tangling the line around the engine, if we have the engine closer to the boat (with the notch)

            one of my friends said #1 reason listed above was silly, but agreed that #2 made sense.

            what do you think?


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              As much as I hate to say it go with the 23 regulator. A friend of my father has one with T150 HPDI's ,its rather fast and has a great ride.....And whats weird the deck layout is made to fish. I wish more mangf. would go with this idea (fishing boat=fishablity) I know its an odd concept for them to get.

              Hope you never have tha 200gal-500gal of water in your boat!

              wouldnt be fun


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                I completely agree with much easier to fish around an engine thats actually hung on the transom and not three feet back.

                #1....kind of. But not because of a rogue have a better chance of being hit by lightning I think. But I've been in two situations where having a notched transom saved our asses.

                The first was pure stupidity, we were young, probably had a few beers in us...buddy was driving his 21' wahoo, coming thru the inlet, hard outgoing tide and there was a pretty good heave coming in from the SE....long story short, he wasnt paying attention and drove off the top of a wave at the mouth of the inlet and stuffed the bow. Completely swamped, to the gunnels, one guy (capt of spring lake lifeguards, thankfully) got ripped out of the boat, hatches, cooler, etc all floating away....bobby took a couple hard digs and litterally swam over the gunnel at which point he just gunned the engine that was still running, and other than the beating he took from his father for being stupid and losing a bunch of stuff, we were all OK

                2nd was in a 28' Aquasport, new boat, friend had used it for 3 or 4 weeks, given it a few inshore shakedown trips...we headed out for tuna. On the hook, it started getting nasty, and was quickly getting big. Another long story short, splashwell access plate was never caulked, and the asshole dealer left plastic bags from rigging the tabs in the bilge, which we had not seen and eventually wrapped around the pumps. All of a sudden we had water on the deck, realize we're popping pump fuses, start them up, go to deal with anchor when we go over a LARGE swell, transom dips and never comes back up. I look back just as the engines are fired up, words 'MERCURY' under water, I cut the rode and he got the boat moving forward and we lost all the water on deck. Boat was so heavy it took two to to steer, another on the throttles to keep from cavitating and overheating. Drove right into the slings at the dealer, pulled the plate, found the bags, then pried very tight fingers of my friend off the neck of the salesman who was backed against the wall with only his toes on the ground....

                In both situations we were so close to disaster. Notched transom allowed us to get out of hot water quick. I'm either real lucky, or unlucky...still havnt quite figured that one out
                1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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                  [?]I read the post from "bluefishbard" and was curious about an option that I have been contemplating. I have a '93 211 and regularly take water over the notched transom. I was wondering if anyone had modified their hull to add a transom/enging bracket, and if so what was the outcome and cost? Any reply is appreciated.
                  Justus[br]\'93-211 Classic [br]Baton Rouge


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                    bluefishbard HeHe I figured those would be the answer's. I've heard them before. I don't have problems with fishing around a motor bracket. We climb out on it if need be.

                    The #1 answer that they gave you has to do with piss poor boat handling as mentioned in other post's. [Not Paying attention]

                    Now with that all said. this is another reason I don't like center consoles for offshore and one of the reason's I built a pilothouse.

                    Having been in enough bad slop offshore to once in a while take a rough wave over the hardtop on a 231 WA proline. I look to my boat to shead all the water and keep going. People and electronics never getting wet.

                    This debate will go on forever, I'm sure. You may or may not know that my boat with previous owner turtled. IE floating upside down in the water. This was caused from a notch transom, that stupid hatch in the splashwell that Mako installed not sealed, batteries in bildge, to small of a bildge pump and that stupid plasticsegemented hose that they

                    call bildge pump hose.

                    The boat was at anchor in the Gulf. Wind from one direction, current from the other.

                    3 people spent the night clinging to the bottom of the hull, one died of hyperthermia.

                    A notch transom is fine, If it has a large high splashwell. Here's the test. Put the boat in offshore condition's. Put the boat in reverse. If all the water stay's in the splashwell, it's fine. If it has a drop down gate that let's water onto the deck, it's not fine.


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                      Bluefish, 300 to 500 gallons? 2502 to 4170 lbs in a 22 ft boat. Good luck with all that. I have to agree with warthog completely although I own a center console. That pilot house will keep all of the water out and passengers somewhat dry. At the expense of valuable room in the front of the boat. I own a 86 21B and that notched transom sucks! I also had a close call with leaky deckplates in the splashwell and a crappy bilge pump. I do agree with powering out of trouble but how does that work in regars to two problems. First if you are anchored it just sucks with a small chop you are getting water in your boat and have to fish up front. Not to mention it is hard to power out without cutting your anchor rode in a hurry. Second, how effective can that idea of water exiting over the transom with the splashboard up? I am in the process of making my bracket now and will post pictures soon. Has anyone left transom open with adding bracket due to the fact of the added flotation of the bracket.
                      Former owner of a 1986 21B Mako[br]Venice, FL


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                        That is a great question, sonnydaze. I am in the process of repowering my 21 and I have wondered about that question. Does the extra bouyancy that a bracket provides keep water out of the splashwell. anyone?.........
                        1980 Mako21 [br] [br]Long Beach MS <\')))>([br]\"I can always find somebody to tow me back in, but I can never find anybody who will tow me out.........\"


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                          This is from the Classic Whaler site.



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                            That is kinda what I mean except that looks scary due to the fact that the bracket width is so much less than the opening of the transom. I would also put the swim platform on. I am going to integrate the platform with the bracket to try to distibute the load better. I would just love to leave it open or have some type of removable door. This would be great for diving and just walking out the back of the boat onto the platform. It is just a little more difficult to climb over with all that dive gear on. Not to mention dragging fish in the boat. I suppose after it is done I will have to test and check to see how to proceed. Worst case I hope to just add 8 or so inches to the transom cap.
                            Former owner of a 1986 21B Mako[br]Venice, FL


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                              My bad. I meant to type 30-50 gallons of water. Not 300-500 gallons. That would be truly awful.