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    I have a 191 and want to change the factory pedestal seats to a leaning post. The factories sit too low and rub the hell out of the back of my knees.

    The problem is the 191 has a raised fiberglass deck base under each pedestal. This gets in the way of after market frames. Has anyone seen this or come up with any ideas. I didnt know if the Todd leaning post pedestal were adjustable to fit the mako bases.

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    Found this site on the internet. Don't know anything about their quality but they look better than Todd posts do in my opinion. And it looks like they slip over the pedestals.

    Also, I know Mako used to make a leaning post that slipped over the pedestals as well. You might be able to find one at Marine Connection Liquidators. Contact info is under FAQ on
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      Depending on how much you want to spend, consider Birdsall Marine in West Palm Beach, FL.

      The make all their products and can modify as required. I had them make me a variation of their scuba tank rack to fit my leaning post and their answer was "No problem", and it did not cost me an extra dime.

      Now they're not cheap - rack cost me $225, but their workmanship is top notch. Give Bobby a call and explain what you're looking for. They're open Saturday mornings from 8am - 12 noon.

      Good Luck,

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