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Lifting Harness for 1989 191

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  • Lifting Harness for 1989 191

    I'm trying to figure out how to rig a lifting harness for my 1989 191 so that I can use a crane to put it on the trailer. Any ideas on where I can buy one?

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    I ran a strap thru the bow eye and let it come out higher then the foward deck. Then hooked the wreker's hook in it.


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      Thanks but what I'm looking for is either some sort of sling or a three or four point cable system to lift it straight out of the water using a crane which is next to the bay at my yacht club.


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        assuming you have lift rings on the stern and one on the "pointy end", you still use the same method as wart referred to.

        a hook with a strap on it on each lift point that all meet at the crane's hook. obviously, some careful management of strap length is necessary.

        in my area, this is a very common method of launching boats - extreme tide swings make ramps very interesting and therefore most marina's use a hoist to launch and retrieve.

        i've done it on my '79 20' a bunch but on the bow i use the ring that the trailer line is attached to instead of the lift ring on the foredeck. that foredeck ring ain't attached to nothing but the deck. i've seen it lifted by that once but after checking underneath, no more! my heart can't take it...
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          rhmc On my boat it has a "T" deal in the anchor locker. It is attached to the backside of the bow eye. There is a place to screw a threaded rod into this "T" deal and go stright up to a lifting ring in the bow deck.

          It is not functional on my boat , but it could be if I bought a few more pieces.


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            I have that same "T" that you are talking about and it is attached to the back of my bow eye. I may not know much about glass work but I do know something about the top-side. That "T" is basically suppose to act as a cleat for your bow (securing moring lines, tying off your anchor line, etc.) With it secured to the bow eye, it may work to lift your boat but I wouldn't recommended it. If that connection from the "T" to the bow eye failed, the only thing that will be holding the cap to the hull will be the rivits that connect's them. If you have to use straps to lift your boat, use the bow and transom eyes.


            Marina's typically use two different types of cranes to lift boat's. One looks like a huge fork lift (fine for your smaller boats up to maybe 25') other will use a cradle system (which is overkill for your size boat. The cradle system is a a long I-beam connected to the crane with huge detachable nylon straps. The straps are run completely under the boat front and back and reattached to the beam. Hopefully this will give you some idea's.
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              I need to revise what I said about the cradle system. It's not a single I-beam, no that I think about it. It's actually 2, one on each side of the crane, supported with cross beams to make it square. the crane basically looks like a cube with wheels on it. the boat sit's in a slip with concrete walk ways on each side, the crane rolls down these walk ways and the strap is run from the beam on one side, under the boat, to the other side. You usually see these being used to launce really big powerboats and sail boats.
              Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA


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                What HungOne is decribing is called a "Travel Lift".


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                  Yeah, what wart said... []
                  Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA