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  • Suzuki Problem/Question?

    I have a Suzuki 2 stroke 6 cylinder 200hp ('99) on my Mako 21B ('86 hull). First season for me with this boat/engine. I'm a bit confused by a pesky temp sensor alarm that goes off in the following manner:

    When I start engine cold and I am exiting marina at idle and low RPM the temp sensor alarm goes off 2 - 3 times in the first ~10 minutes of use. When I take the RPMs up to cruising speed (3500-4000 RPM) the temp senor alarm may go off 1 more time. After that at cruising speed no more alarm and all seems fine. The temp sensor alarm will beep again when the engine is idling while I tie up to the dock at the end of a trip.

    In each of these instances the sensor alarm only quickly beeps then goes off. It is not random at during all boating times, only in the above situations.

    This is particularly confusing because the water pump is new this year and water flow out of engine is strong.

    Anybody experienced a similar situation?

    Problem solving ideas are welcome?



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    I had similar sounding problems with my engines (not suzukis). The problem was fuel flow, not temp. Check the fuel pump balls to see if they are flat. I found mine squeezed flat a few times. If they weren't flat and I pumped them, the buzzer would quit. I ended up re-rigging the fuel supply to stop this problem.

    Tom[br]Pompano Beach, Florida[br]1976 25\' Mako[br]


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      Have you looked at your thermostats might be clogged

      Good luck had a suzuki for ten years first a 85 and then a 200 1996 ran awesome