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    A Word About Bilge Pump Ratings

    There is a good deal of misinformation in the world of centrifugal bilge pumps, at least between "advertised" capacity and actual capacity. Boy, was it great to read this:

    "Submersible centrifugal bilge pumps dominate the electric bilge pump market, and with good reason. They are simple, reliable, easy to install, and cheap. The gap between real-world performance and the nominal output of these pumps, however, is so great that in our opinion it borders on the irresponsible. Like the warning on packs of cigarettes, every centrifugal bilge pump should have the following emblazoned on the pump: 'Warning: this pump's nominal capacity is rated at open flow, with no lift and no discharge hose attached. In actual installations aboard a boat, the pump will never achieve this rate of flow.'

    "The only pumps which have warnings are West Marine's house brand pumps, which give flow rates at various lifts and various system voltages. This information, permanently attached to the pump, should be an industry standard. It would reduce the misleading pump capacity claims that plague the electric bilge pump industry."

    (Nick Nicholson, Practical Sailor, October 1, 1997)

    PowerBoat Reports has a GOOD artical in it this month with Bildge Pump shootout.

    Does your bildge pump look like this?

    IMHO This stuff should be outlawed as bildge pump hose. Don't trust your Life or Boat to it.

    Replace it with this!

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    Just think how much that flex hose slows down the flow of water compared to a smooth hose.


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      exactly my point!


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        Flex hose makes for great vacuum and suction hose, but that fact is because of the resistance of all the ribbing in the hose (the water can't fall as fast). However, I agree, it makes terrible discharge hose as it impedes the amount of flow (every inch adds more backpressure.

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