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  • Reccommended T-Top Size

    I am getting ready to put a t-top on my 1977 25cc. The top man reccommended a 5x7 sized top. Any reccommendations? Too big? Too Small?
    Rooster[br]1977 25CC[br]New Orleans, La[br][br]

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    5x7 minimum.... Otherwise as large as possible. On a 25' cc a 6x8 would be fine.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      I think you will find that the 5x7 is the average size. Mine is a bit longer because I wanted it to cover my back when I sit at the leaning post. I actually wanted it a bit longer than it is, but then they were going to have to connect it down to the leaning post. I didn't want that.

      One suggestion... I wish I had done the hard top model instead of the canvas model. Now I have everything mounted to it and will have to cut or remove the cables for the antennas when it is time to replace the canvas. I'm not sure how much more it would cost. I guess weight would be another factor too.

      I just am not looking forward to the time I have to replace it.

      Tom[br]Pompano Beach, Florida[br]1976 25\' Mako[br]


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        I have a 5' x 6.5' on my 20' Grady. It's just about perfect based on the layout of the boat. It doesn't protrude too far into the cockpit to interfere with my earth shattering hook sets! []

        It would be way too small on a 25'er though. 6" more length won't make any noticeable difference. I would go 6' x 8' as Eddie says unless it covers too much cockpit and interferes with fishing.
        Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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          rooster, a 5 by 7 would work....make sure your seat on front of console, to back of leaning post/ covered.......i have done these boats........5 by 7 should work....also make sure your builder uses 1 1/2 inch legs....good luck...jim...... []
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