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What's up with the plumbing on my 77 Mako?

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  • What's up with the plumbing on my 77 Mako?

    I just bought a 1977, 25' Mako center console which I'm currently in the process of renovating. There are 3 below waterline seacocks through the transom, all of which have hoses running forward. figured out that the two on the sides are to drain the fish boxes, but the one in the middle has me stumped. It's about 1" in diameter and disappears under the console. What's the purpose of this one? I'm thinking about permanently capping it off because the seacock's handle is missing and it's stuck in the open position. I know from personal (and accidental - oops!) experience that the boat runs fine in the water with this seacock open (in other words it doesn't sink) but water drains back out for about 45 seconds to a minute when the boat is pulled back out of the water. Does this drain serve any critical purpose, or could I just as well cap off the seacock? Also, have I likely flooded my fuel tank compartment and if so, is there anyway to drain it without pulling the deck up to access the tanks?. (I'd rather not if it can be avoided). Thanks for any advice.

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    I am not familiar with that year or model, however I have a '84 224 that sounds like it has the same plumbing. The owners manual on my boat shows that the 1" pipe should drain the forward storage compartment. Mine has actually been modified to drain the stern in-deck live well. If your model does have the forward storage, pour some water in it and see if it drains out of your mystery hole. If you check the link below that is on this website you'll see the drainage diagram for my model. You can also find several other manuals posted there. Hope this helps.
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      I have a 76 25', in mine the center seacock line goes to the livewell. The drains from the front compartments drain through two PVC pipes that run under the tanks and empty into the bilge just aft of the tank, under that rear compartment in the floor. Most people who have removed the tanks find that the pipes are busted. Greatescape has a good idea, the reference link on this site is great.
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        My drain from the front compartment runs through the bottom of the next hatch. There is some kind of connector in there that I can't snake through. Do you have this connector in that hatch or is it just plain pipe? I'm wondering if this was stock, or if someone else has messed with this. My front hatch does not drain, and it collects a great deal of water.


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          Tsawyer, I am going to the shop this evening and I wil check, I am almost positive that there are no connectors, just plain pipe. I will let you know.
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            I have a similar problem in my '91 Mako 201. If I step on the floor of my casting deck storage locker (not the casting deck but the floor of the locker) I can feel water under the locker. Somehow I have got water in the bow hull section under the storge locker. It will not drain via the bilge or hull drain. My theory is that when I washed out the locker the last few times the drain fitting or drain tube had failed and drained into the hull. The exterior hull of the boat appears fine. I am thinking of cutting a hole in the floor of the locker to see what is up and then replace the hole with an inspection port. Any thoughts on how to proceed (or words of caution on my approach).
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              New to this forum...I have a 254 Mako CC 1978 model. There was a forward 50 gallon fuel tank that turns out was full of mostly water. When I took it out, I had several gallons of water that was not draining aft.After vacumning out and closing back up the floor hatch I ran several trips. Today, I pumped about 30 gallons out that is not draining. Does anyone have any experience plumbing this area out?
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