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mounting leaning post

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  • mounting leaning post

    got a leaning post to replace my cooler seat. 4 leg design with 4 bolt holes at the base of each leg. started to use the stainless toggle bolts and am concerned as to support. in order to install backing plates i would have to cut out two large holes cover them up with deck plates? also doesn't the floor rest on the stringers and couldn't they get in the way of the backing plates? am a novice at all of this and need some experienced advice. boat is a 1991 17. great site and you will be getting a money order in the mail for the t-shirt by wednesday. joe

    mt. pleasant sc

    91 17
    91 17 standard[br]mt pleasant sc[br]115 yamaha[br]got mako?[br]

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    Mount with the legs outside the fuel tank access. Make damn sure you ain't drilling into anything, Clean mounting surface, 5200 and screw it down, it ain't going no where.


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      Birdsall Marine built and installed mine as well as a friend's. 4 legs, 4 screws per leg. They drilll a pilot hole and use self tapping screws. They put down a sealant under the perimeter of each leg as well as 5200 on the screw. I have only had mine for a few months, my friend's has held up fine for 7 years. They do all their installs that way.
      Paul[br]Plantation, Fl [br]1988 Mako 236 Inboard


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        My post has 4 legs w/ 4 screws each. I just drilled the pilot holes and then sealed each screw w/ 4200 as well as bedding each pad in 4200. It's solids as a rock! []
        Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD