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Engine Cutting Out

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  • Engine Cutting Out

    I have a 1980 Johnson 115 on a 1980 20' which has been running perfectly until last week. It will cut off when running at a higher speed after about 1 minute unless I continue to squeeze the primer bulb. It seems to do ok when running at a lower speed. Pushing the choke has not effect, obviously because there is no fuel getting there.

    The interesting thing here is that this happened about 1 hour after pounding in huge seas. I am assuming that this must have churrned up some junk in the tank and is now clogged something in the path. One place I am thinking may be clogged is the pickup in the tank. (The primer buld is harder to squeeze and there are no clogs in the vent) I have read different posts on this, how does the fuel pickup work? I am not really sure what I would be getting into pulling the unit. Is this a fairly easier job depending on the condition of the screws etc.?

    As always, thanks in advance!!!!


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    B4 going into all that, check 2 things.

    1. If ya have a fuel filter water seperator, replace the filter.

    2. Replace the p-rimer bulb wit ha munufactors brand, ie Merc, Bomb etc.


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      I was thinking about the replacing the bulb based on earlier posts, but it occured to me that everything was working fine before hitting the rough seas and the bulb pumps and feeds gas to the engine fine.

      However, you have a point, start small.


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        have a compression check completed...when a cylinder//piston overheats, it shuts down the motor. If you allow the engine to cool for 10 minutes or so, it will restart.

        Try to decarbonize and keep the RPMs under 4000!

        Good luck...I just went through the same situation.
        1985 21B[br]Southern New Jersey


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          I had checked the compression in March and everything was right on target. The reason I am suspecting a fuel problem is because the engine will continue to run if I give the bulb a couple of hard squeezes every minute or so.

          I am going to run later today with a temporary tank and see what, if any difference there might be.

          Thanks for the feedback