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  • Need Insurance

    I need the hull ratings to get insurance on my Mako21B. If anybody had a picture or information on the faceplate on the center console it would be helpful.

    Also I need a estimated value on my boat, It has a Evinrude 225 and is freshly painted and in very good shape.

    Thanks for the advice
    Tinys Mako 21[br]Slidell, La

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    By the hull rating, I'm assuming you mean the max horsepower the hull is rated for? You can get that info at On the left side they list the spec's for all the boats they ever made. It'll help if you know the year manufactured, but just go look for a 21B from the 80's, I don't think the max changed.

    As far as the value goes, you may just have to state a desired insured value for the insurance company, that's what I did for my '83 Mako 224. The engine will also depend on the year of manufacture.

    What about a trailer?

    What I found most important is that you get details for what the insurance will cover. What about accessories/electronics? What about rigging? If your engine is stolen and they give you the $$ for an engine, what about the cost of rigging you'll be charged? Engine theives normally are not the neatest of crooks -- they take bolt cutters and simply cut the control cables and fuel lines. You will have to replace them! Some policies don't cover that!

    Good Luck,

    Prop Blast
    Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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      Another note on insurance..

      When I first purchased my boat, I went out and bought the first insurance I came across. After reading the policy, I found out that the insurance sucked! It didn't cover all kinds of things such as, someone else driving, using the boat in the dark, more than 10 miles offshore, etc.

      After that, I did some real research. I called Boatus, West, State Farm, etc. and had them send me the standard policies to review. The reading all that was no fun, but I found that for where I live and where I go, the State Farm policy was far superior. It covers me in the Bahamas at night with someone else driving, etc.

      Do your homework before buying the policy. You will be suprised at the differences.

      Tom[br]Pompano Beach, Florida[br]1976 25\' Mako[br]


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        I'll pull the cover back and snap a photo today. But the specs are as follows:

        LOA -21'7"

        Beam - 8'

        dry weight - 2100lbs.

        Deadrise - 19degrees

        fuel - 86gal.

        Max HP - 235
        Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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          Thanks for the information, I was on vacation last week and did'nt bring my computer that is why I am so late to respond.
          Tinys Mako 21[br]Slidell, La