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1985 17' Mako

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  • 1985 17' Mako

    I am looking at buying a 17’ 1985 Mako with a 2003 130hp V4 Yamaha motor, and canvas T-Top, This comes along with a new trailer and 24 volt 67lb trolling motor.

    The current owner is a boat manufacture on the west coast of Florida. He took this on a tradin. He believes that the boat itself is sound and only needs some minor repairs such as reattaching he center console to the boat. It is attached now but wiggles slightly when shaken. On the bow is a small area 4” in diameter that has been bumped and needs repaired. He is asking $10,0000 for the all. My question is this price in the ball park and from what you may know how reliable is a 20 year old Mako boat. Are there any other questions I should ask?



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    How many hours on the engine? It looks like you're buying a 1 year old motor, a new trailer, a trolling motor and a t-top. Price those out and subtract from $10k and you can decide if the boat is worth the difference. You might want to double check the year on the engine since I'm not sure they made a 130 for the US market after '01 or '02. If the boat is in good condition, it might not be a bad deal if the engine is in good shape. The engine should still be under factory warranty I would think. An 85 Mako should be a solid boat. My 94 171 seems to be fine and I bought it this year. You might want to verify the gas tank is OK.

    good luck,

    Wolfram Verlaan

    Corpus Christi
    Corpuscruiser[br]Northern AL[br]\'94 171