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  • Repower Mako 231

    Has anyone put a 4 stroke on the 231? I'm worried about the weight.

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    Hi there,

    I put the F225 on my '83 224. I too was worried about the added weight, but took the chance. It's working out great!

    My other two choices were the Yamaha 250HPDI or the Evinrude 225 Ficht. The problem with these two options was that the hull is technically rated for 240hp (back in the day when OMC's 235hp was the top dog); and that there wasn't an Evirude dealer here in the Tampa area I had confidence in. The 231 is rated for 250, so that's not an issue for you.

    With the F225 I get 3mpg at 4,000 RPMs and the float line has not changed. What I did do was get my batteries out of the transom and put them in the console.

    I'd move your batteries to the console if they're not already there. If you go with the 250HPDI, don't forget that oil tank will weigh about 35lbs when full.

    Good Luck,

    Prop Blast
    Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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      Used to have a 231 with twin Merc 125's off the back. They weighed in at 348 each, which for a total of 113 lbs over the Yamaha at 583. The transom rode low i nthe water, but the previous owner had put an aluminum L-bracket on top of the transom which effectively raised the height 3-4." The in-deck ball scuppers did a good job keeping most of the water from backing up on to the deck. Good luck with the 225, they're amazing motors!
      1995 Mako 221B


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        I would do a lot of research on those big yammies b4 plunking down wheel barrels full of $. When I get ready for a repower on my '88 21B (if my old Johnson Looper ever dies) it will be with a Johnson 225 (zuki) or a Evinrude 225.