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    I just recently purchased a 1982 Mako 21 with a 2000 Optimax 200hp. The boat is in pretty good shape, solid throughout as far as I have seen so far. I am sure that I will encounter some troubles, but I am looking forward to a project for the summer. I have a few questions and I was hoping that someone might have some answers to them. I'm sorry if some of these are repetitive.

    1. The space for instruments on the console is pretty small, and at the current time, the boat has a t-top that has two arms attached to the console face reducing the space even further (I would consider removing and/or replacing the t-top). I was wondering if anyone has reworked this space on their boat, and if so, if they have suggestions how to maximize the space. I recently purchased a Blue Sea 8 position horizontal fuse panel to replace the old panel. I also want to replace the instruments and wheel. If anyone has a photo of their console I would love to see how it was done.

    2. I have read, and have noticed, that the rod holders do not drain. Has anyone ever tried to remedy this issue besides getting caps for the holders?

    3. My boat has a Mako sticker and shark silhouette where the usual placard is positioned. I have noticed this on a couple of other older Makos as well. Does anyone know if this is a factory sticker or a replacement?

    Any other helpful information about the Mako 21 of the early 80s would be greatly appreciated. I’ll post pictures as soon as I begin work.
    Brandon[br]\'82 Mako 21[br]Fenwick Island, DE

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    Hi Brandon,

    Look in the project boat section and you will see how the guys did their consols. Mine doesnt count cuz I chainsawed the original and built a narrower one. I think Ed has a sweet consol check his out.


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      As to the rod holders. There are caps for the bottom of the holder that you can attach a hose to and run it to the bildge or install a fitting thru the side panel and have it drain out on the deck. The 2nd way on the deck is how I'd do it.

      I'm pretty sure the vinal lettering is done by the owner, but I see nothing wrong with it.


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        Thanks guys. I appreciate the suggestions. I'll post some pictures soon so everyone can take a look at what I am working with. I plan to work on the boat starting the end of July as I am currently getting ready to take the bar exam. But I would like to have an idea of what I want to do prior to starting, so I am sure I will be looking for additional insight periodically.
        Brandon[br]\'82 Mako 21[br]Fenwick Island, DE


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          Brandon... Once you get a chance to look at the photos in the project section, you will see two things...

          1. Photos are a good thing (the more the better). It makes it easier for others to visualize what you're trying to do.

          2. There are some real good craftsman to be found here. If any group can help you in your project, it's this bunch of folks! []

          I don't own a Mako, but I come here for ideas and to see cool stuff that I can use on my own boat.

          Good luck with the bar exam, and the project!
          Capt Kevin ~~~><((((*>[br][br] 2520 MVSC \"Chesapeake Edition\"[br]Annapolis, Maryland[br]