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    Kind of a sick way to prove something.....but I will share anyway. Last Saturday morning my wife and I are leaving the Keys for J ville. As we leave Fla City and get on the Turnpike I notice a rather large center console up ahead. What happens next is unbelieveable.......the rig starts to fish tale, I am telling my wife, watch that boat, watch that boat.....about that time the driver hits the brakes (saw brake lights) (never hit the brakes when it fishtales....add power, it will straighten right out) and the intire rig jack knives and starts rolling, I mean spinning like a top ! At least 6-8 times, crap flying everywhere, it comes to rest on the right side of the road upside down. We pull over, tell wife to call 9-11. I am expecting the worse...a family and bunch of kids....I find one guy 24 years old or so on the ground on his back (ejected) .....I think the worst but find a pulse and breathing, he comes to and moves arms and legs, I tell him to be still, another guy stumbles over, bleeding from arm, I tell him to sit, a young lady comes over....not even a hair out of place and not a scratch......she announces that it was just the 3 of them....unbelievable ! I saw no major injuries....who knows what happened internally. Once the emergency teams arrived we backed away and observed what was left. The tow car was a late model full sized SUV, I think a GM product. It was totalled...I mean gone, looked like a beer can. The boat...was a Mako appeared to be a late 80's 25 or so...twin Mercs and a brackett. The hull was intact, I saw no major damage, the t-top and console were gone......the power heads and lower units were laying off in the grass......but the intire bracket assembly and transom assembly appeard intact. Now, it takes one hell of a lot of energy to pop powerheads and lower units off. It is just proof of how strong those hulls and transoms are.

    It was one of the most horrific things I have ever seen !!!!!!!!!!

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    Glad they were okay. Very good of you to stop and assist. I carry the digital camera in the truck with me 24/7 now just incase i want to get pixs of something like that.

    So the truck and boat never came disconnected? Were they rolling or spinning or both? Sounds like one of those things that you'd like to see, but only on TV. I guess thats why Bobby watches auto racing on TV. Where else can you see a 50 car pile up and not be in the damned thing?

    Ejected... My common sense tells me that they weren't wearing their seatbealts. They should thank their lucky stars that they weren't rolled over by the truck, boat or both. Seatbelts really do work.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      Wow,thats one heck of a story.

      Fished a local shark tourny sat. with my 80 228 and got one 200lbs bluedog on deck.Had a 35nm run home in flat seas.Had 10 miles to go when the wind suddenly shifted to the NW and picked up to 25kts with higher gusts.Had to plow seas head on,it was ugly. Now I'm racing the clock to make the weighin.I pushed my mako to her limits and made it with spare.I think any other boat would have split wide open.What a tuff little boat. Got 4th place.

      P.S.Does anyone know a good chiropractor?
      Former 228 owner [br]77 Potter built Seacraft Sceptre [br]Leonardo N.J.[br]


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        Glad to hear you placed in the tourny. Did it pay expensences?


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          No it didn,t pay but had a great time.Had a big mako in the slick but he wasn,t interested, would have won the mako calcutta.$$$$$$
          Former 228 owner [br]77 Potter built Seacraft Sceptre [br]Leonardo N.J.[br]


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            I passed that boat a little later on. They had it up right on a trailor. The hull lucked intact, Ttop was flat. Makos are tough boats.
            1987 231 with 200 Yamaha[br]Stuart, Fl


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              Damn, that some scary shit!

              I'm sure an accident like that would have shredded my little Grady! []
              Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD