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Gasoline Fumes in a 1987 261 Mako

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  • Gasoline Fumes in a 1987 261 Mako

    OK, I know a lot of experience is out there on this subject so I need some HELP. When running our boat I smell fumes. When the boat is a rest you do not smell them. This model has a fuel tank access inside the console. This is the only place you can smell the fumes when the boat is at rest. You have to lift this hatch and stick your nose in there in order to smell them. I do NOT smell any fumes in the bilge nor is there a fuel leak that I can detect. I probably need to pressurize the system in order to see if there is a hole some where. Could someone tell me how to do this, or any other suggestions that would be helpfull in order to determine where the fumes are coming from.

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    Your going to need to check all the connections first. Check the fuel sending unit gasket. Look at the tank where the fitting's are for cracks.


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      Hey Becker,

      Just had a similar problem with my 20'. If you can get to all of the fittings would be great. To pressurise the system you will need to block the vent hose. Remove the hose that feeds the engine so you can pump air into the tank. Blow air into the tank, 1 to 2 psi should be all that you need. Don't put too much pressure into the tank because squares tanks can be damaged easily. Once this is done use a soap and water solution and soap all the fittings. Pay close attention to the fuel gauge sending unit. Also check all of the hoses and fittings under the hood of your engines. OMC had a problem with plastic carburetor bowls that leaked very badly and in certain situations stunk up the boat pretty bad. Good Luck!