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Need an opinion on this MAKO.

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  • Need an opinion on this MAKO.

    Hey guys,

    Need an opinion about this mako on ebay. Im thinking about bidding and wanted to know what anyone else thought. He says the engine has a corrosion problem on the lower pivot of the engine. Is this a serious problem or is the boat ok for now? Im kind of short on cash, but am looking for a little project. What do you all know about this model? Any opinions would be appreciated.....Thanks......JJ
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    Hi JJ,

    I looked at that Mako on ebay. the boat is in rough shape. The motor is going to be expencive to repair. The floor will need replacing from step to transom and God only knows what you will run into. If the tank is original you will have to replace it too. In my opinion I would look at a boat that is structuraly sound and spen your money on upgrades and cosmetics. Just the floor is a major job and several hundred bucks if you do it yourself. that is about a 1500 to 1800.00 boat. There are alot of nice old Makos out there in running condition for a resonable price. Good luck


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      Little projects turn into big ones.... Project is a symonym for Money Pit. Only take on a project if you have lots of time and money to spend working on the boat. Just some advice from someone who has been there and done that... Hell, I'm still working on the damned thing!
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        I don't think it's worth it. The hull itself is overpriced. Have you been able to actually look at the boat? If not, you probably need to pass on it.

        Regardless of the corrosion on the engine, the Evinrude's 235 was not the best engine OMC ever made. Most mechanics that worked on them loved them -- they were always in the shop! The engine has ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE -- you're bidding for the hull only. That engine is on borrowed time...

        If you have the time, space, and where with all, you may want to take the leap. But if not -- forget it. Potential problems have already been identified for you: transom, fuel tank, soft deck, wiring, ...

        The hull itself is a good one and will meet many needs. ...If you're into the potential work. If that's the case, email the seller with a cash offer of $1,500. You'd be amazed at the number of folks that bid up their own products...

        Good Luck,

        Prop Blast
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